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One sided Love....

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Certain questions never have an answer,

certain feelings crash down d heart lyk a disaster,

sum people touch our lyf in a wonderful way,

nd when they touch our hearts deep inside,we've nthng 2 say.!

Nd dat persn is u,who tuk my heart away,

coz whenever i was feeling down,u were my happiness ray,

nd nw, wen i want nothing xcept u,

o damn! nothing is all i can do.!

U reside there in my dream,where i see u in my arms,

where by ur just one sweet touch,u heal all my harms,

but dat dream comes to an end wen i open ma eyes,

nd i feel a pain in my heart aftr evry sunrise.!

Whenevr i see u,i think why u've such a beautiful smile,

dat makes me 4get everything in dis world,for a while,

bt wen i realise dat ur swt face is no more infront of me,

then i've 2 face d cruel truth of d reality.!

I wish 2 hold u tight whenever u're down,

i wish 2 keep staring u,whnevr u're around,

i wish u 2 b by my syd nd nvr let u go away,

bt ol these r invain, being just dreams of day.!

Watevr there's writtn in my destiny,i cant change,

d twist dat lyf tuk,feels a little strange,

nw d only thng i see is luv in d dark,

bt in ur heart,i just wish 2 have a luv's spark...

A spark...

To brightn my lyf nd to let u feel my luv,

nd a spark...

To let me keep u happy always nd ever..!

Bt who knows!!

Whether these fantasies'll ever cum true?

Or xcept praying 4 u 2 b mine, i'd b having nthng 2 do..!

All i wish,and ol i pray is 4 ur happiness,

i just wana keep u away frm evry sorrow nd mess,

i knw my luv is one-sided, but girl, its true.!

Nevr evr 4get sweetheart, dat i luv u..!!

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