3rd POV

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Nico wasn't doing much better. He sat in the underworld staring into space and only moved when he was needed. Which was rarely might I add. It had been a month already and every day felt like he was dying. He needed these two months to be over already. He felt so cut off from the world. He almost never got to iris message anyone and he couldn't leave. Not even for a minute. It was as if hades was trying to ruin his life. Nico had just started to rebuild it and all that time had gone to waste. He was bitter to say the least. Very bitter.

"Hey Nico?" Hazel called out

"Yes Hazel." He turned to her

"Father wants us for a meeting.".

"But I was just about to iris message Leo."

"I'm sorry Nico but he said it's important."

"Fine I'll be down soon."

"Take your time Nico.". She kissed his cheek

"Thank you!". He told her before she left

He quickly iris messaged Leo. He was sitting on the beach at camp. His eyes lit up when he saw his face and smiled goofily.

" Hey doofus." Nico laughed

"Hi Neeks. How's work?" He asked

"Oh its fine...NICO!" Hades cut in

"I'm sorry I'll see you soon BYE!" He quickly swiped his hand through the message


"I..I..I'm sorry father.". Nico's voice was small, fragile even

Hades gave his son a disgusted look and slammed the door, locking it.

So you got it from Nico's side. Also yes it is a month later in both of these. Sorry I forgot to clarify that. Leo likes to sleep in his cabin a lot. But anyway I hope you liked the chapter. Only one more to go before the sequel and I have so many more ideas written down that I can't wait to start. Even a trans!Leo fanfic (they started dating before lea confessed. Girl trapped in a boys body woop de doop) one of my favourite leico fanfictions is trans!Leo actually.
(Song listened to: Forever and ever by he is we.)

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