Chapter 9

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Her hair was long and beautiful, it was brown and very thick and just cascade down to her waist. Her light brown eyes, sparkle everytime she look at William. She seem to aging  quite well for herself, then we made eye contact and a big smile was spread across her lips. She is indeed beautiful,no way she couldn't be a model. And somehow I see a little bit of William inside of her, and they seem to share a bond which I never have with my mother but my father I did.

Course I was shocked, I didn't expect to meet William's mother right away. Matter of fact, I wasn't even expecting him to tell them about me. And here I am now sitting down, with 1000 of eyes looking at me. Marley was in my lap playing with her doll, while Daley seem to making friends with everyone. My heart was beating fast,heck it felt like it was about to jump out of my chest.William and I locked eye contact, and this feeling in my stomach stirred.

I just want this day to be over...

"So Jasmine welcome to the White Moon Pack, are you okay?" said Fay, which is William's mom. I let out a slight smile, and look at everyone who well didn't take their eyes off of me."Well I didn't expect to be around a bunch of werewolves you know" I mumble. Which cause everyone to chuckle in the living room, but I honestly wasn't making a joke this is serious. What if they try to rip me apart, better yet harm my nieces? gosh I know for a fact I would never forgive William.

"Jasmine stay calm, they won't harm you because you are their Luna" William spoke. I stare at him and snorted,"I guess your a mind reader now, aren't you?". They chuckle again and he rolled his eyes at me."No I can tell the way you playing with your fingers, and you keep biting down on your bottom lips" I was taken back that he was watching me, even though he glance at me two time and shit. I let out a sigh, honestly I wasn't comfortable. I don't even know what these strangers around me are thinking about me.

"Well Jasmine, I think William will love to show you around. I hope you stay for dinner, cause I would love to get to know my daughter-in-law more" she said with a smile. Daughter-in-law? before I could speak, she took up Marley from my lap and walk out of the living room with everyone else follow behind her. And now I was alone with William, who was siting across from me with a smirk on his lips.

"Why you tell your family, I'm your Luna?" I asked. He let out a sighed,"aren't you not my Luna, and you are going to be my wife Jas-"

"No I'm not William, I'm too young for marriage. And I'm not ready to just become someone own, I told you I don't know how to love and I don't think I can" I watch him caress his jaw, as he stare at me. 

"Jasmine you are mine, and we have to be married and have a fam-" I shake my head and stand up.

"William you don't get it, I'm just a regular citizen who have an fuck up life since the start. And you expect an well attractive intelligent man like you, want anything do with this girl" I pointed at myself.He rose from his chair, and strode toward me. I look down at the floor, since I hate looking into his eyes. Which make me want to pour out all the wrong doings, that I ever did.Which I never did anything wrong,but being neglected by people who suppose to be your family. He rest one hand on the side of my face and smile."Don't say that, I told you I'm your soulmate and nothing will break us apart. Course it going to take time, but you are my Luna and you just have to accept it Jasmine" I let out a little chuckle.

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