Abs...olutely straight (XIUCHEN)

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( XIUMIN X CHEN , MINSEOK X JONGDAE                                                                                                                           *WARNING Makingout!bestfriends!teasingxiu* )

 "No fucking way" ,Jongdae panted. His hyung was way too amazed with that sight : Chest rising up and down, breathing unregular with his mouth slightly open and covered up with sweat from his hair strands down to his trainingsuit. "Come on , that was nothing" , the sweet voice of Xiumin claimed , standing with his arms crossed right in front of the younger and his smiley face focused on him.  Obviously it was no big thing for Minseok since  everyone was aware of his fitness and strength skills he proves everytime in gym. But for Kim Jongdae , who joined his bestfriend a while ago , needed a break after all lifting and building up . 

Maybe he should regret staring at Xiumin in the dressingroom in which his gaze was way too clearly on his chocolate-abs. Chens body never was a burden to him not even before he had started losing weight because of their busy schedules. But when his bandmate , Byun Baekhyun , started swarming about the eldest "perfect" body and how much he wanted abs like him , Jongdae couldn't help but notice that too. Not to mention how loud EXO-L's screams got when Xiumin revealed his pride.  Whenever Minseok caught Baekhyun talking about it , not like he was trying to hide though , he would always shrug it off with a shy smile. Honestly Jongdae was amazed by his hyung and after a few visits at the fitness studio , he believed in himself too.

Well , not in this moment. "Are you crazy?! I can't breath and you tell me it's nothing" , Chen presently nagged. Xiumin chuckled while bending his upperbody down a bit , just enough to ruffle his dongsaeng's hair , who was a wrecked mess now. "Then let's wash up" Minseok grabbed two towels out of his bag and threw one right onto Chens face meanwhile the other fabric was hanging over his shoulder. "THANK GOD" , Jongdae muffled beneath the towel. "You're such a Pussy , Dae" 

As both entered the washroom for men , Jongdae just followed the other like he was said and struggled forward by pain hitting his legs. Finally he managed to turn the shower on after he had pulled of his shirt , which had been fit too tight , he sighed at the relieved feeling of the water rolling down his skin. Meanwhile Xiumin also prepared to get showered ,literally next door. Jongdae stealed a quick glance to the other just randomly but his eyes won't move away when he caught him just stripping out his clothes. Minseok fiddled at his shirt as his head is sunken down while water drops drolled down his manly shape. Jongdae found himself freeze for an instant with the shampoo still in his palms but kept watching his friend being dangerously rubbing his own body. How can this be even considered as dangerous but today's different cause ... Chen never found himself creeping for his hyung duh. And why had he never noticed how provocative Xiumin showed up himself. Why had he never admit how hot- STOP JONGDAE. Before Chen shook his head in disbelief for himself , Minseoks stare is definitely on him. With a smirk

Well , Shit. 

Never ever had Chen felt awkward with Xiumin... not until the past minutes had happend. Actually ,nothing serious had happen in particular..but he was still flustered somehow. The exact opposite of Xiumin to be honest who had been grinning all the way. Since when isn't Chen the one pissing someone off? Like I already said , today's different.  

It's usual for the two to share one cabin for themselves to get changed quickly and it wouldn't take too long to get back their dorm soon. It wouldn't take them long if Jongdae's heartbeat wasn't scaring him the hell out that he almost buttoned his shirt wrongly and Minseok wouldn' t be digging his eyes onto his back. "Weird..." , Xiumin nearly laughs a little. Being a little surprised by the sudden sound out of the silence , Chen turns his head only over his shoulder enough to eye Minseok who hadn't finished zipping his pants and his boxerbriefs were a little shown (not that Jongdae noticed). "What do you mean?"

"Well you're always being so loud everytime you're with me and you haven't said one word until now yet" ,Xiumin shrugged , not that he complained. Sometimes he needed his silence but on the other hand it made Jongdae so loveable , like his voice was loveable. Jongdae continued working on his belt meanwhile Xiumin didn't move an inch , just leaned his back against the wall and eyed the said boy. "Guess , I am really exhausted",Chen mumbled. Right when he was ready to put his jacket on , a still halfnaked Minseok made him stop in confusion. When he opened his mouth ,about to say something , he shivered as Xiumin suddenly bit his lip...while checking him out.  "H-Hyung..Wha" 

"Shh your mouth was prettily shut all the time we don't want to ruin it , right?" ,Xiumin softly hushed. Jongdae gulped. He was just having a good time with his dude at the gym who turned to a horny smirking Moron.

...and he enjoyed it.

Lost in thoughts , Chen didn't have the guts to react that fast when Minseok already stepped closer the younger and skimming his body in amusement. "It worked well you know..", his voice hovered over Chens ear and it made him close his eyes in excitement. All he could to was acting dumber than he actually was ;"What do you mean?" Xiumin chuckled softly ,standing proudly in front of him but still without a single touch to give. 

Kim Minseok didn't please . He teased. 

"Your abs , babo-ya" Jongdae felt in-between something of throwing up and ripping his hyungs clothes off. Meanwhile Minseok turned his face to him really close but enough to let Chen see his tongue swiping his own lips. The breathtaking view made Jongdae's body tense and he couldn't move at all even if he wanted to storm out of the sticky room. "But I see you like to watch hyungs body more? " "Ugh Minseok don't be like that" , Jongdae interrupted by pressing his head forcefully down on Xiumins shoulder and let his heavy breath in contact with his skin. "Don't be like..what?", Minseok innocently asked back , mouthing against the other's face. Minseok took his fresh scent , feeling confident the more the younger got weaker.  

"Touch...", he huffed , lips already nipping at his neck. He was way too distracted to think straight about what he is exactly doing but he would blame it on Xiumin later. Later - when he got his pleasure.  

"Mhh what did you say?" 

"Fuck - DO ME . NOW." , Chen pulled away just to smash his lips upon his , ready to give , ready to get taken. Minseok didn't complain and instantly responded by pushing his body closer to the other , tilting his head higher to meet his powerful thrusts. Sooner they became more sloppy until they only massaged their sweet mouths with soft pressure. Jongdae got completely lost into the kiss , his hands caressing the elder's bare back with his fingertips lovingly while Minseok grabbed him by the cheeks and pulled him closer and deeper to him. Like carving for sweet cotton candy. 

Suddenly a loud ringtone of Minseoks own mobile blurted out before Xiumin took it out and answered with an annoyed tone :"What?!" 


What if straight had terribly gone wrong? No , that couldn't be the answer Suho was looking for. 

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