How You Meet

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Elijah- You were walking through the coffee shop door when you bump into someone and spill your coffee all over them... You look up to see a tall man with brown eyes and dark brown hair. "Omg! I'm sooo sorry... Uh?" "Elijah. I'm Elijah. And it perfectly Okay. I don't mind." He explains gently. "I'm y/n." You ended up getting coffee and talking.

Klaus- You were at an art exhibit. You were looking at a painting that was done by KM. You wondered who it was and you asked one of the attendants. They brought you towards the artist. The hottest guy you've ever seen! He has dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes. "Hello. I hear you liked my painting?" He asks. You nod. "I'm Klaus Mikaelson. KM. What is your name, love?" He asks. "I'm y/n l/n. You are really good." You tell him. "Thank you." He replies. You and Klaus end up going on a date.

Kol- You were a trickster. You loved to pull pranks on people. And it got dangerous... Sometimes. You've only been caught twice. And now you got caught again. You were sitting in the jail cell. You were gonna be there all night. The cop comes in and makes a really hot guy sit down besides you. "So... What's a beautiful girl like yourself doin here?" He asks you. "Well I got caught while pranking some people..." "Cool. That's why I'm here. I was caught while pranking some people too! I'm Kol. Kol Mikaelson." "I'm y/n L/n."

Marcel- You were at a bar singing karaoke. You were singing Little Lion Man. It was one of your favorite songs. You watched as a really cute guy comes in. He has dark skin and dark eyes. He was wearing a gray long sleeve shirt and black pants. He walks to the bar and orders a Bourbon, neat. He sees you and says, "Hi. I'm Marcel Gerard. Weren't you just singing?" "Yeah... That was me. I'm y/n l/n."

Josh-You had just got done working on your mom's car. She was letting you take it to go to college. You lived in Minnesota and you were heading to New Orleans. For college. Your mom didn't like it at all but this is where you wanted to go. You enjoyed life. And you liked talking to people. You liked the simpler things in life. (Time skip). Finally! You are in New Orleans. You had just left the apartment you got. You were strolling down the alley way when you bump into something. You look up and see a guy. He had dark hair and dark eyes. He has a hot face. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you there, dude." You tell him. "No, no! It's okay. I don't mind bumping into a hot guy like this." He says. "I'm Josh. What's your name?" He asks. "I'm y/n." "Would you like to get a drink sometime?" Josh asks. "I'd love to." You responded.

Jackson- You and Jackson met when you were really little. But you ended up moving when you were 15. You and Jack had just begun going out. And you almost kissed him but your parents came out and ruined it. They took you and put you in there car and you haven't seen Jack since. You are 26 now. It's been 11 years. He would be 27. (Idk his real age... Sry) But after a long eleven years you run into him in the Bayou.

Finn- Well Finn had been locked in a box for 900 years... You were Sage's hand maid when you first met him. He took a liking to you from the moment you two met. He claimed he loved Sage but he actually fancied you. And when he saw you again, 900 years, later he was ecstatic!

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