29 - Car Accidents Part Two

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Luke (Age 16):

You sat there for a few moments more, waiting for one of the EMTs to pull you from the car. Once you were out, you profusely thanked the man who had called the ambulance. "It was no problem, is there anyone else you would like me to call?"

"Could you please call my brother, Luke?" The man nodded, dialing the number as the EMTs put you into the ambulance.

"He'll meet you at the hospital," the man called, you thanking him again before he left the scene. You got to the hospital and the first person you saw was Luke. You breathed a sigh of relief as he ran up, grabbing your hand before you all continued the journey through the hospital.

A few hours later you were laying still in your hospital bed, your leg casts not really allowing much movement. "Luke, I'm so sorry. I checked and everything and they weren't there one second and the next second I was on the side of the road. And now I'm gonna have to work extra shifts to buy another car but I can't even move an-" Luke cut you off by grabbing your arm, knowing you were going to work yourself up.

"Babe, you're okay. It's that jerk's fault for hitting you. And don't you worry, we'll get you a new car. In the mean time, me, Jack, and Ben will be around to help you and take you where you need to go."

"But, Luke, you're supposed to go back on your next week?"

"They postponed it. I called the boys and Ashton told me that management wants you better first. I'm not going anywhere until you're better," he said, smiling and kissing your hand. You smiled back at him, motioning for him to give you a hug. A few minutes later the doctor came in and told you that you would have to be in the hospital for a while. As disappointed as you were, you knew Luke would be there every day until you got better.

Ashton (Age 18): 

You were rushed to the hospital, getting a room and a doctor as soon as you arrived. "Ms. Irwin, can you tell me what happened?"

"I was going to school and some guy was coming towards me. I slammed on my breaks and honked my horn and he just looked up from something in his lap without enough time to properly react. He hit me head on and I got rear ended as well," you said, tearing up at the end. Ashton held your hand, rubbing his thumb across the back, trying to calm you down.

"Thank you, Y/N, now as for your feet, you have a lot of nerve damage. It's going to be very painful for probably a very long time. I'll set you up with a physical therapist and after a few months, you should feel somewhat better. Then I want you to come back so we can reevaluate the situation, okay?"

You nodded and said, "Thank you, doctor," as he walked out of the room. 

All you wanted to do was get up and walk out, but of course, you couldn't and Ashton had to carry you to the car. "Ash?"

"What's up, Y/N?"

"Do you think I'm gonna be okay?"

"Absolutely! You've always been a fighter and this isn't gonna stop you. I'm gonna get you a wheelchair for school, we'll get you a new car, and physical therapy will be over before you know it!" 

You smiled at him, but frowned again before saying, "Ash, I can't go to school in a wheelchair! Everyone is gonna make fun of me! And I don't have any money for a new car, I spent the last of my last paycheck on a new pair of shoes. I'm so stupid! It's all my fault!"

"Calm down, sweetheart. If they make fun of you, they obviously are just cold hearted people who don't deserve to even know you. And as for the car, don't even worry about it. I'll take care of it. I won't be leaving your side until you're better."

"I love you, Ash."

"Love you too, Y/N."

Michael (Age 21):

"Y/N Clifford?" Michael's head immediately snapped up, following the nurse to your room.

"She rear ended the car in front of her and was hit by the car behind her. She is suffering severe head trauma, a broken leg, bruised ribs, and a broken wrist. She should be waking up soon. If anything happens, call for a doctor," the nurse said, I nodded an acknowledgement and she left the room.

I held Y/N's hand, stroking the back of it with my thumb, wondering where everything went wrong. I shouldn't have let her drive tonight, I should have called her a cab or picked her up myself. 

"M-Mikey?" I brought my head up to meet a pair of very tired and confused eyes.

"Oh, baby, I'm so glad you're okay," I said, kissing her hand, "l'm so sorry."

"It's my fault, Mikey. I got distracted and I had too much. I should be the one that's sorry. I ruined the car and my body. I'm sorry for being so terrible, Michael," you said, tearing up.

"Oh no, sweetheart, you're fine. Everything is gonna be very okay. You'll be as good as new soon and we can get you another car. I'm gonna take care of you, I promise."

"I love you, Mikey."

"I love you so much more, Y/N."

Calum (Age 15):

Calum carefully laid you in the front seat of his car, quickly getting back into the driver's seat. He held your hand the whole way home, quietly reassuring you that he was there and that you were okay.

When you arrived at home, you continued to cry. Calum brought you inside, laying you in his lap on the couch. "C-Cal?"

"Yeah, sweets?"

"I-I-I-I'm really s-sorry," you whimpered, beginning to bawl once again.

"Y/N, you have nothing to be sorry for. This was because of a rude person who probably let his temper take control of his actions. Everything is going to be just fine," he said, kissing your forehead. You finally had cried yourself out and fell asleep against your brother, appreciating the safety of his strong arms.

"I love you, Y/N. None of this is your fault," Calum whispered, kissing your hair one more time before laying you down in your bed.

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