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Haiiii guys,so im on vacation here and Its awesome,although i will leave before my family,Its alrighty.

I met my grandparents,my granny Georgia and my grandpa Dionisis,they are well,they are really old but Im happy they are alright,okay not that alright but they both live so Im happy.

Anywhore,I really wish some people from watty was herr wif meh even Seth cried telling me he wanted to be here cuz of the hot guys.I mean its the only greek island that has soooooooo many foreighn people,from Italy,German,England,Hungary,Switcherland(my granny's sister Anna,brought me chocolate from Switcerland since she lives there and i got to say IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!),America etc.

Anyway cute guys just passed by seriously XD lol okie im shushing.So i got to go cuz we are gonna go walking to the Kamares and then Argasi,my fave places here ^.^

See ya guys i wov weo XD

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