Things That I Am Use To

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I watched him.

Just like every other day I woke up an hour earlier just to see him. I watched from one window as he got got out of bed and went to his bathroom. He did the same thing every morning when he awoke. He would go straight to the bathroom and shower, brush teeth then exit the bathroom followed by getting dressed.
Then he would go downstairs and socialize with his family which is what he was doing right now. I watched as he laughed and showed his love for them by hugging them and joking around. I just wished we were like that.
A few Minutes later after eating,  he and  his best friend exited his house. I watched as they talked and made their way to his car. A sigh escaped from my lips from how handsome he looked, how defined his jawline looked, and oh how much I loved his eyes. As they drove away from the house I stood up from my crouching position in the woods and began my way back to my house.
I decided to shift into my wolf and run back since I haven't let her out for a few days due to me watching 'him' so much.

'Thank you Lilly, I needed this'
my wolf Lila (L-ii-l-a) purred in delight inside of me. I smiled loving the fact that she enjoyed this.

"No problem honey." I giggled as I ducked and dodged through trees enjoying the fresh smell of the green forest. It had just finished raining about 15 minutes ago so the woods had that green fresh rain smell to it. I loved it. When I reached the back door I shifted back into human form and put my sweatpants and sweat shirt back on. Before opening the Backdoor I stared at the beautiful steps it had and the beautiful burgundy door. My mom says if Lisa and dad make a good impression on the alpha then we'll be able to move to a mansion right next to the pack house. That was a terrible idea. Well not according to everyone else though, my mom loves expensive things and would probably do Almost anything to get it. I guess that even means selling her own daughter to our alphas son.

I walked through the back door which led right to the kitchen. Apparently I was walking in on a discussion between Lisa, my father and my mother.
"It's happening Monday and I really don't need you guys embarrassing me." Lisa wines while sipping orange juice.

"Hey honey." My dad smiles at me. All eyes then went on me. "Goodmorning dad." I lean over and hug him.

My mom smiles as well. "Where have you been honey?"

"Just out for a run." I didn't bother sitting down and joining them because everytime I did, Lisa somehow gets me yelled at or tries to make me feel excluded anyway. I almost thought I was going to walk out of the kitchen without Lisa bothering me, but I thought wrong.

"Wait bitch" Lisa smirked. Mom and dad were talking so they didn't even hear her. I looked at my sister, our looks almost identical, our hair the same light brown, she was a little taller and our eyes were different colors but that's all that differ from us. Well that and our personalities.

"On Monday I will no long be like you, I will be higher then you, well not that I wasn't already better then you." Lisa laughs while flipping her hair back.
I rolled my eyes. "Should I even care about what your even talking about?"

"Oh honey you haven't heard?" My mom smiles. "Alpha Montgomery is passing down his title on Monday to his son Drew, he will be our new Alpha."
My heartbeat sped up the moment I heard my mom say that. Everyone's  voice drowned out from my ears as I thought about what she just said.

I walked out of the kitchen and raced upstairs knowing I had to shower and get dressed for school but I had to talk to Madison. I couldn't believe this was happening. I showered quickly and put on another set of black sweatpants, black ugg boots and a black sweatshirt. I put my hair up into a bun, grabbed my bookbag and ran downstairs. I ignored Lisa and her BestFriend Tessa who gave me mean looks as I walked passed them. I exited the house and went straight to Madison's awaiting car just like every other morning.

"Good morning sunshine." She sang as I got in. She must not have heard the news yet clearly from her good mood. As she began pulling away from the house she began to grow worried by my silence.
"Lilly? What's the matter?" She asks softly. "I saw Tess go in your house, are her and Lisa bothering you again? I swear I'll beat there asses-"

"It's not that,  Maddison." I wiped my eyes and turned towards her. "It's....alpha Montgomery is passing down his Alpha title to his son on Monday"
Madison gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh no." She groaned shaking her head back and forth. "Oh my god Lilly."

"What am I going to do?" I mumbled thinking of how terrible this is. No one knew about the secret. No one could ever know. As Madison drove and  arrived at school I thought back to how this all began. I thought back to about five years ago.

All of the preteens from our pack were gathered at the pack house for our annual field day. All of us had just got through the process learning how to shift into our wolves on our own and to celebrate, our alpha let us have a free day to do whatever we wanted at the pack house.

"Okay everyone line up!" One of the leaders yelled. She was a regular girl with blonde hair and she was taller then the rest of us so I guess that gave her the advantage  of being the leader.

"We are gonna play a game!" She announces. "I'm gonna give everyone two flags. One to wrap around your eyes to blind fold you, and then the other flag is for defeat. Your going to blindfold yourselves and try to make it to the pack house door without seeing anything. You have to tie your flag around the doorknob and the first five people who make it to the door without talking, or running into another person person then you are the winners."
Madison and I figured that was fair and would be fun. Minutes later we were all giggling because we were blindfolded and couldn't
see a thing.

"Ready!set!go!" The girl yelled blowing her whistle.
The only sounds I heard were the crunching of shoes connecting with the leaves on the ground and the wind picking up. I smiled widely while holding my arms out making sure I wasn't gonna walk into any trees or anything. As I walked and walked slowly with my flag in my hand I began thinking I lost everyone and I walked to far out. Well that was until I stretchered my arms out even farther and felt a person. It was an arm. I quickly jumped back hoping the leader didn't catch that because that would mean I would be disqualified from the game. But this person, they grabbed me, they grabbed my hands. Instantly I felt tingles shootout from inside of my body. Unknown feelings erupted inside of me as my wolf whispered: Mate. She was overjoyed. We had found our mate! This strong, good smelling boy was my mate. I peeked open from my blindfold to see who it was and I gasped stepping Back away from him. It couldn't be, how could it be him.?

Before he could lift his blindfold to see me I ran. I ran so fast that I shocked myself, I didn't know my legs could carry me this fast. Before I realized it I was at the pack house door and the leader was smiling at me.
"You won." She told me.
Even back then he and Lisa Were still together so the fact that I found out that he was my mate that long time ago was scary to me.

"Lilly?" Madison was waving her hand in my face trying to get my attention. "you okay?" She asks as I looked at her. "I've been calling your name, I guess you like, zoned out."

I sighed while looking at her. "Yeah, I did."

Madison gave me a sympathetic look as she looked towards the school and gasped. She looked back at me with a panicked look.

"Lilly, if I ask you not to look at the front of the school would you listen to me?"

I quickly lifted my head and my eyes widened. There they were. Drew and Lisa hugging in front of the school. My sister and my Mate, the future alpha of the pack were and my sister were together
And me and him weren't.

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