Bad Day

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**** So this from a story I had written but unpublished due to a severe case of writer's block. It started out as a Trey Songz and Jazmine Sullivan story, but I decided to revamp and bring it back after reading SweetSongz89 comment wondering what happened to it.

I decided instead of Trey to use Jidenna. And to my plus size readers please don't be upset that I decided to use a smaller character. I did so because I was struck by her beauty and I saw many of you mentioned when I asked for topics to write about, colorism issues. Many of you said you had low self-esteem due to your color and I wanted to address that.

I realized as a writer I wanted to celebrate the full spectrum of black beauty and that includes showing representation of all types of women, because I have more readers than just plus size and I want to show them love too.

To be fair I have written three wonderful books with plus size women and I will continue to do so. But I just wanted to change it up. I'm not leaving my plus size readers behind. promise I will not go to the dark side by becoming one of these cliche writers using foreigns with brazillian weave lol!!!!

But we must also realize to celebrate a smaller woman, does not mean putting down a full-figured one. All women are beautiful and we should uplift and celebrate each other no matter the size!

Anyway tell me what you guys think so far! ****

ISIS in the m/m.


I wiped my eyes as I got off the bus to head to my interview. Nothing seemed to be going right. I was in an accident on my way down here and it was only by the grace of God I was okay. My car - not so much.

It was entirely totaled. I mean it was old anyway and I probably needed a new one. But regardless if the car was beat up, it got me around. And it would've got me to this interview on time, if this 79 year old lady didn't run the red light and run dead into me.

She said she couldn't see. Well if you can't see lady, you shouldn't be on the road!

On top of that, my mother isn't doing so well. That is precisely why I need this job. I was in my second year of grad school  at the University of Chicago's School of Business. It was one of the top in the country might I add, but my mother got sick with breast cancer, and since it's just me and her, nobody is there to take care of her but me.

Taking care of her and going to school proved to be too stressful, so I just decided to drop out. Against her protest of course, but I had to make what I felt was the right decision. And the way things were going now, if I don't get something soon, we will both be out on the street.

I looked at my phone it said 3:00. My interview was at 1:00. I hope they can understand. I went inside the glass building. It was huge. It seemed to have 50 floors. I tried to fix my dress, because I looked a little disheveled. My heels broke, so I had picked up some flip-flops from Walgreens on the way.

I knew it was bad interview attire, but I had to do what I had to do. I went to the tenth floor, where they said the interview would be.

I was greeted by a small white lady behind a desk.

"How can I help you?" She said with a smile.

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