Blind!England x Mute!France

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Heyyy so this was requested by 2proxy so I hope you enjoy~ I'm really sorry I haven't been updating but school started a week ago and I'm getting a lot if homework already
3rd Person POV

England was always France's voice. When France went mute, England spoke for him. How?

His body language. England knew France well enough to say what France was thinking, and speak for him.

Some people call it a gift, some call it just a great friendship. Others call it mind reading.

They were a great team together, England and France.

Then England went blind.

England got mad for letting it happen to himself, even though it wasn't his fault, it was a car accident.

It took some time but they adjusted. Not only did England remain France's voice, the Frenchman became England's eyes.

France woke up, rubbing his eyes and silently yawning. Looking over, he saw England right next to him, still asleep.

They decides it would be best to live together. When France couldn't talk to England in occasions they needed to communicate, he used brail. He easily picked it up like Arthur did. After all, he was motivated.

Any who, France gently shook England's shoulder and then the Brit opened his eyes, which were a dull green and then felt around until his hand came in contact with France's and smiled.

"Good morning Love. Did you sleep well?"

France gently gave his hand a squeeze to reply he did.

England felt around his nightstand for his glasses and slipped them on when he found them.

"So dear, what shall we do today? We can go to the park, maybe go out, anything really." England said, sitting up and bringing his knees to his chest, looking straight forward.

France put his arms around England's waist, hugging him.

"Just want to stay home and relax today?" England asked as he rested his head against France's, who gave a small nod.

"Alright then.. Let's at least make breakfast." England slipped out of bed and patiently waited for France, who did the same and hooked his arm with the other's.

"What are you in the mood for eating today dear?" England asked, carefully walking with France down the staircase, something they had done hundreds of times before.

France just gave a small shrug.

"Do you want to make it today and surprise me?" England asked. France gave his hand another small squeeze.

"Alright then." France sat England down and got to work.

France worked silently minus the soft clatter of pots and pans of untensils and the occasional glassware.

Soon, England heard the sound of the plates being set on the table, signifying France had finished.

Reaching forward and setting his hands on the table, he felt around until he found the plate, tracing its smooth round edge.

He picked up his fork and poked around the plate, getting an idea where his food was.

France sat across from him, poking around his own plate silently, wishing he was able to help guide England along with the voice he couldn't bring out.

They both started eating and were silent the whole time. When they finished, France put the dishes into the sink and then guided England into the living room, both sitting down right next to each other.

France reached up and traced the rim of England's glasses that hid his eyes with the black lenses.

"You know I won't take them off Love."

France poked leg of the glasses.

"I know you'd like me to, but I'd like to keep them on."

France softly ran his finger down England's cheekbone.

"Yes yes, you like seeing my eyes, but I know they're dull and I don't like them."

France rubbed up against him slightly.

"I don't care if its only you and me."

France let out a small huff and pouted.

Finally, England caved. "Alright, alright, I will." He said and then pulled off the frames.

He looked straightforward and blinked a few times even though it did nothing.

France cracked a smile and felt around England's eyes as a way to tell him how much he liked them.

England reached up and started feeling France's features. His cheeks, his nose, his forehead, his lips, his chin, his jawline, his eyes and such, and couldn't help but smile as well.

"You're still as beautiful as I remember.."

France smiled and cupped England's face, giving him a soft peck on the lips, then pulled him close into a hug.

Their actions spoke louder than anyone's voice ever could.
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