My Girlfriends a Vampire.

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A new girl named Katie moved to a little place on the outskirts of Hampshire County called The Forest Hill. John a kid that grew up there as an orphan and he got out of the orphanage called Salley's orphans.  He got out because he was able to get a job as a fish seller and by his way out at the age of 16. He has an apartment right above Katie's apartment. The next day at school a couple of John's friends said that Katie was the same age as him. John felt happy, then he found out that they had to classes together. First class was chemistry which he hated intill Katie sat down next to him. He looked at her and smiled but, she didnt seem interested in talking or being his friend in the way she looked at him. Her eyes were a golden brown but, then the next time they looked at each other her eyes were a crystal blue like the ocean. When they got home he said " Hey my name is...." but then he got cut off by her as she said, " I know ur name its John and my names....." then there was John chance to cut her off and say her name was " Katie', then he added a sweet comment and that was " it is such a beautiful name to for a pretty cute and sweet girl like you." Katie kinda blushed a little bit just soo he could notice that her cheeks were cherry red as she turned her head away towards the sunlight. Then John heard her mom calling her for dinner. They said good bye as he walked her to her apartment and walked to his apartment on the second floor. As the days went by they talked more and more, but she started acting a little strrange everytime he asked her what was wrong she just said she was a little sick with a cold. John decided to research about vampires not knowing what he would find. He actually found interesting facts about vampires. Then he read the sypmtimps of " being a vampire , but soon realized she was acting like she was turning or she was a vampire. Soo after school he brought her to this beautiful pond. Then he said your a vampire. Katie  then said are u scared of your girlfriend being a vmapire. He said no and that he wanted to be a vampire to. She said ok you will start training now. Soo for 5 years he trained human like to become a vampire. Then when he was a vampire it took him three years to trrain and two years for his fangs to come in. Then he met her family and they told him that they were the good vampires but there was bad vampires too. Also they said that they were gonna fight them in less than 2 days. Soo when the day came, the battle was fierce. There was only  2 survivors for the bad and seven for the good vampires wich was the family eight if u include John. Anyways John and Katie had 12 kids and lived a good life or are  they still living ??  IDK!!

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