Chapter 1

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2 days before

Today was not my day. Firstly, my alarm went off two hours too early and then made me almost over sleep afterwards. Secondly, while I was trying to find my shoes, I hit my poor little toe against my desk. After that my darling cat decided; 'oh why don't we just ruin her day even more,' by making me spill my orange juice all over my shirt, and lastly it's raining.

You might be thinking that the rain isn't so bad; however, I have to walk. So here I was, dripping wet and walking to school.

As I was kicking a stone on the pavement, a massive headache hit me like a ton of bricks. I stopped walking to clutch my head to maybe dull the pain, but it wasn't working. It felt as though the aching was intensifying and I wanted to scream out in pain.

Then my vision started to change and I started seeing these giant waves in the middle of the ocean; with thunder banging in the background, as if I was physically there. I could feel the waves pulling and pushing me roughly, smell the salty water and fresh foggy air and even taste the awful seawater in my mouth. At the same time, it felt as if I was seeing all of this from a third person's view.

I was brought back to reality by icy cold water flooding all over me...

You know what, I think today just got a whole lot worse. A special little red car just splashed me with rainwater all over!

"Ugh!" I groaned in frustration.

I looked like a wet poodle when I finally arrived at school. I got quite a few stares from fellow students but my mind was once again somewhere else. That 'vision', whatever you want to call it, was extremely weird. It just didn't make sense...


"Oh shoot", I yelled out in surprise. I was going to be late for my first period of the day!

I ran down the hallway like a mad woman.

I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings while I was running. Next thing happening was me sprinting flat out into a wall and falling to the floor hard onto my spine.

"Ow," I muttered under my breath, "what on earth?"

I looked up to see that I hadn't in fact ran into a wall but a giant figure about six foot tall, looming over me with a dark look on their face.

"Uh...can I help you?" I questioned, confused.

He quietly kept staring at me with a blank expression on his face. His arms were crossed over his chest and stood with his legs evenly spread out.

I started standing up but he roughly pushed me back down onto the floor.

"Hey! What's your problem?!" I all but yelled at him.


"If you do not answer me right now, I will punch you so hard..."

I was cut off by a door opening to the left of me. I looked to see my English teacher, Mrs. Scarlet, approaching me.

"What's with all the ruckus?"

"Well..." I trailed of when I noticed the man that I had ran into was suddenly gone.

"Well, what?" She asked me in a stern tone.

Where could he have possibly gone? "Um...I just slipped while I was going to class."

I said in a distracted voice, looking around the hall for any sign of the man.

"Get to class Miss Roberts before I report you for a detention." She said.

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