3rd POV

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Leo was miserable to say the least. Annabeth found him in Nico's cabin and dragged him out. Which didn't help despite how many times she said it did. So here he was, sitting on the beach watching the couples.

Someone sat beside him. He turned to see Dexie Winters ex huntress. Now going by her title of just daughter of Aphrodite. She hated it none the less but it was better than seeing her family die.

"It sucks ass doesn't it?"

"Yeah it does."

Dexie glanced down at his hand, "is that Nico's ring?"

"He gave it to me with this note." He pulled the note out of his jacket and handed it to her.

She quickly skimmed through it. Getting the gist of the situation. It seemed to be exactly like the struggle she had when her "soulmate" died. Over 30 years ago. Leading to her decision to become a huntress of Artemis. Big title she has to say. Dexie Winters, daughter of Aphrodite and huntress of Artemis. A mouthful. Shaking her head she turned to Leo.

"He'll be back and Leo?" She said standing up


"Be expecting that iris message soon." Dexie gave him a wink and walked off

She was strange but smart because just a few minutes later he got the iris message. Leo immediately answered. He smiled as he saw Nico's glimmery face appear.

"Hey doofus."  Nico laughed

"Hi Neeks. How's work?"

"Oh it's fine NICO!"  He was cut short by his father flashing in, angrily.

"I'm sorry I'll see you soon BYE!"  Nico swiped his hand through the iris message before he could say anything.

Leo's shoulders slumped and he grew tired. He told his friends that he didn't get sleep. They let him leave after a couple failed tries at making him stay. So with a heavy heart and Nico's scared face imprinted in his mind, he walked to the hades cabin to sleep.

Jump on the feels train to my fanfiction ville because I'm evil AF and like emotions whoops. Sorry for this chapter but I said all the chapters would be sad after. I cri only 2 more chapters left of this story before I start planning the sequel. Also Dexie is one of my really old OC's and she's my favourite and I just plain love her and she's adorable :D
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