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We spend so much time in the tunnels of preparation - head down, trying not to screw up, trying to make it from one day to the next for all of our 365 days. But why so do we have to work our butts off for?

Simple, the answer lies in the common saying, 'Saving the lives of people'.

Known to all, we doctors have to work more than eighteen hours a day and seven days a week, so speaking of sleep, screw it.



The rambunctious buzzing of the beeper jarred me out of my peaceful sleep and I jolted up from my bed almost instantly.

Still in a daze, I let my legs hang loose from the bed while I reached forward for my phone which was sitting on the desk.

3am, it says on the screen.

Struggling with the keypads to make an important call, I then pressed the phone against my ear as I wore a shirt over my singlet before wiggling into my white coat. Promptly, it only lasted a ring before the other person picked up the call.

"Dr. Park," greeted the person as soon as his hoarse voice came into the line.

"Taehyung, what's the situation out there?", I asked as I ran my fingers through my hair and listened closely to his words.

"It's a crisis. The news just came in, stating that there was a fatal accident involving a tour bus and a truck. And since our hospital is the nearest to the scene, we will be expecting quite a number of casualties heading our way in a few minutes time. So, Dr. Park, please be on standby,"
"Got it,"

Having said that, I ended the call with him and immediately bolted out of the On Call room and down the hallway, where I was joined by a few of my colleagues.

"I barely slept for a few hours and there went the beeper," complained Min Yoongi, as he yawned and stretched. While doing so, his arms were just about to hit Kim Namjoon but fortunately, that dude was quick enough to shun away from him.

"Woah, be careful there Yoongi. Watch your arms before I break them into two," Namjoon cautioned while narrowing his eyes at him.

Laughing at them, I couldn't help but to add on a comment as we proceeded our way,

"Namjoon hyung. Sometimes, I do fear for your patients for your position as a surgeon,"

As I said that, I felt a sharp smack on my head. Turning back, my lips curled up automatically when I realised that the attacker was none other than my crush.

"Now you three, stay focused alright? Come on, we have to quicken our pace now. Kim sunbaenim is probably waiting for us," Bae Joohyeon said sternly before she took the lead in front of us.

"Guys, you heard her,"

We continued marching down the hallway and just like what she've mentioned, Dr. Kim Seokjin, the head of our Emergency Department was indeed early and he had already positioned himself at the front counter along with the head nurse, Kim Taehyung.

Having some sense, the four of us immediately jogged over and once we have arrived, he wasted no time in delivering the crucial instructions to us.

"Jimin, you will be taking cases one to five," he threw the files into my chest before moving on to Yoongi and so on so forth. Once he was done allocating the jobs, he lifted his head up to face all of us.

"Fellow colleagues, today is going to be a long and tiring day, but nevertheless, I hope that all of you can stay focus and handle your cases well. The lives of our patients will now lie in your hands, so everyone, FIGHTING!"

Enough said, we all dispersed, heading towards our various positions and it was not after that I soon heard someone calling after me,

"Dr. Park, your first casualty will be arriving in about a minute's time. Please station yourself,"



Flashing red lights part crowds of cars like a knife that cleaves cleanly through a melted butter, its mere presence signifying the misfortune of another, the sight causing people to pray regardless of religion.

As I sat in the cab which was supposedly driving me back to my apartment, the screeching tires and the keening wail of the siren, madly barreling through the streets in hopes of saving one more life, echoed through the neighbourhood nonstop.

Feeling weird of the situation, I tapped my fingers on my lap uneasily until I finally signaled for the driver to pull over.

"Thank you and please, keep the change," I said to the driver and passed him the bills before stepping out of the cab. Pulling my luggage along with me, I followed the sounds of the sirens until my heels came to a stop at a gory sight which stood in front of me.

Right before my eyes, a huge tour bus had overturned, a truck was badly crushed, and surrounding the scene, loud groans and moans could be heard everywhere from casualties ranging from mild to severe cases.

Bending down and letting myself pass under the barricade, I begin walking towards the first casualty I saw when an officer stopped me.

"Sorry Miss, but you're not allowed in here," he warned.

For a moment, I just stared at him but when I snapped out of my reverie, I started fumbling through the belongings in my handbag.

"Got it," I exclaimed and taking a glance at his badge first, I flashed him with my card,

"Officer Jeon, I'm a licensed doctor, so please, let me help them,"

With his eyebrows raised, he took over the card from my hands and after taking some moment to analyze it, he finally granted me access.

"Thank you," I winked at him and then quickly, I hurried over to attend to the nearest casualty.


Author's note:

First comes first, thank you sincerelytop for this wonderful cover you have made for me! Jimin looks just like a lipsmakin' and irresistible doctor in the image ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

& now,

Hi guys, it has been long since I had an A/N uh? Hahaha I totally didn't see this coming at all honestly speaking. As you can see, JJANG, this is a new fanfic. Ps: Blame it on the sexaye Jimin who has been driving me crazy lately. He totally made it to the top of my bias list and still, I have no idea why.

Anyway, just to let you know, for this story, each chapter will be a lot shorter than the usual and I can't promise for frequent updates too. 'Cos this idea just came all of a sudden and I just had to write it down. Also, since I still have another story [Seoulmate] , going on at the same time, I can't guarantee anything.

And to all who have appeared here today, thank you so much for giving this story a chance and I sure hope that you will have a great journey with me. Thank you! ^^


Wendy (:

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