Annoying dimwits and surprises

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The rest of the week went by pretty normal.

No in counters with the bad boys, no getting punched, no fights, everything was just normal.

Jay and Tris continued to bicker like usual, Grey was always video taping and Jess was being critical as usual. Nothing had changed yet I felt I had. Not physically and my habits were the same, I studied, I passed my classes  with good marks, I ate.

But that wasn't the thing I felt more confident these days. I didn't seem to care what people said about the "golden brothers sister" any more.

So I guess meeting the bad boys was kinda a good thing.

So this week had been totally bad boy free except for the winks or smirks I got from them if I saw them in hallways when we'd switch classes but other than that they kept to themselves which I was kinda upset about.

Today was Friday and my friends decided they wanted to hang at my place for no apparent reason but I didn't mind.

Right now I was in the kitchen looking for snacks to eat. We had decided to watch a horror film.

And no I wasn't afraid of horror films!
I could totally watch a horror but it was after the horror I couldn't handle. After watching horror sleeping wasn't a option so I would usually put on a comedy movie right after the horror film so I could get the horror film out of head.

So no I didn't mind horror films.

Finally I decided just to bring every snack I had since I couldn't decide what to take.

I grabbed the snacks and dropped them on the floor where the tv was so everybody could pick what they wanted.

I noticed that Jay and Chase had joined us. I guess they couldn't find any lame party to go to so they decided to crash my little get together.

Since the two dimwits joined us there wasn't a lot of room to fit us all in the couch so I had squish in the middle of the couch with Chase.  Grey and Jess were on one side while Jay and tris on the other and Chase was left in the middle right beside me.  

I decided to get comfy so I brought blankets and pillows. As we all settled down I started the movie.

During the movie I noticed Chase getting a bit to comfortable beside me much to my dismay he decided to lean his head on me and I couldn't even shuffle over since Jess and grey were sitting there.

The movie was pretty boring except for the jump scares. Suddenly I felt something warm on my thigh and noticed it was Chase. He moved his hand up and down feeling my leg.

"Stop it" I whispered in his hear making sure no one heard me

"Stop what" He said trying to act dumb. Which he  already was but you get what I mean!

"You know what" I said glaring at his hand

"Oh is my hand bothering you" he mocked

"Yes and I'd like if you'd take it off my leg"

"Only for a kiss" he said

I sat there shocked and disgusted. Mostly disgusted!

"Yah no" I responded

"Then my hand stays" he said looking back at the screen

I wasn't gonna give up so easily I went under the blanket and just as I was about to pinch Chases hand u noticed that Tris and Jays legs were tangled and Jay was making circles on Tori's leg while his other hand was around her waist. What!

What was going in between them?!? I thought they hated each other! maybe all that fighting led to them actually liking each other. You know what they say there's a thin line between love and hate!

But whatever I chose to ignore them and went back to do what I was originally there for.

I pinched Chase's hand and heard him hiss in pain

He looked at me venomously while I just smiled innocently.

After that chase didn't dare touch me but still kept his head in my shoulder.

After that I don't know what happened because sleep took over.


I woke up in the morning to see all of us had fallen asleep on the couch. I also noticed the mess. Food was scattered everywhere on the couch, the carpet.

So I decided to wake everyone else up.

I quickly looked through cabinets to find- AHAH found it !

I stood in front of the tv, directly facing my peacefully sleeping friends. Hahahaha not for long tho!

I rose the blow horn in the air and blew. Everyone jumped up with dazed expressions on their faces I couldn't help but laugh. They all looked at me like I was crazy.

So I told everyone to get their asses up and clean the mess while I'd make breakfast they all agreed and I began my baking.

I decided to make pancakes and strawberry and banana smoothies.

Everyone gathered around after freshening up cause we had extra toothbrushes.

As everyone ate they couldn't help but moan in pleasure of my heavenly pancakes.

"God katie these are amazing" Tris says

"I know why didn't you ever tell us you had such a talent" grey says with a full mouth

"That's it your cooking from now on" Jay says

I couldn't help but laugh at their comments.

After breakfast everyone decided it was best if they went home so I was finally left alone bored.

I decided to check the mail.  Yes the mail! that's how bored I was!

I put all the junk mail in one pile and bills and etc in a another pile.

I noticed one envelope with my name on it. So without any hesitant I opened up and read.

As I read I squealed in happiness.  This letter was about the student exchange program and they just told me I got in and I'd be going to England for the following 9 months to intend school. Since school was 10 months longs that means I'd be there the whole school year. The letter also stated that I'd have to leave this Monday! Yay.... Wait what this Monday?

That's means I only have a day and half to pack and get my things ready and inform my parents and friends.

I called my parents about news and they told they were so proud of me and happy I got this offer.

After the call I ran upstairs to pack. I couldn't wait till Monday. Monday would be the best day ever I thought.
Little did I know it'd be the day that changed my life forever and not in the way I thought it would.


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