In which Nike drops in

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Hola! Update time again!

Here's just a little recap of our last adventure;

POSIDEN- Yes! Now I can become King of Olympus!

HADES- *sitting on throne* too late! I am!


                                               BACK TO PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POSIDEN- *runs to corner in despair*

HADES- I herby declare that anyone who who curses in my name shall be trown into Tartarus! Apollo, you may take his turn.

APOLLO- Can I do this in hiaku form?

HADES- NOOOOO!!!!!!! No Hiaku!!!!

*Olympians cheer*

APOLLO- *pouts*

HADES- Hiakus are supposed to be nature-related! Use  a limmerick!

*Olympians groan*

APOLLO- *rubs invisible beard* I know! Ahem.

There was  the goddess Aphrodite

Who put on her clothes very tightie

Apollo declared

Dite? Truth or dare?

I hope she will answer real rightie!

DIONYSUS- What the Hades was that?

HADES- To tartarus you must go! *blast Dionysus with his uber-awesome stick of coolness*

APHRODITE- *re-applies lipstick* That was horrible! Surely you could have come up with a better rhyme for my name!

APOLLO- Not really. Your name is hard. Mine, one the other hand. . . *clears throught*

The awesome god of poems is Apollo

His awesomeness should always be followed

You all should agree;

Can't spell 'awesome' without me

So in my awesomeness you shall wallow!

ATHENA- That stu- Actually, it wasn't too bad

ARTEMIS- A little self-centered, but okay.

HADES- For possibly the first time in your life, nephew, you made a decent poem!

APOLLO- Really? Are you sure?

HADES- I seems to appear that way.

APOLLO- YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs wildly  around the room*

HADES- Aphrodite still needs to answer!

APHRODITE- *touches up her eyeliner* What?

HADES- Truth or dare!

APHRODITE- Oh, is that what we were doing?


APHRODITE- In that case, um, truth. I don't want to mess up my hair!

APOLLO- Has that ever happend before?

APHRODITE- Me chosing truth? I thought you just made up this game an hour ago!

APOLLO- No! Having your hair messed up!

APHRODITE- Um, there was that whole Trogan war thingie where Athena pulled a couple strands out, but otherwise my hair has always been the perfectest, most awesome, beautiuller, greatest hair ever!

ATHENA- *rolls eyes* Well Sor-ee! At least you didn't have to deal with Achilles! Man, that guy was annoying- almost as annoying as Posiden! Imagine that!

POSIDEN- Me? Annoying?


POSIDEN- How the Hades am I annoying!

HADES- You cursed in my name! You shall rot in Tarterus for enternity!

APHRODITE- Isn't it my turn?

DEMETER- Yes, Aphrodite, please go before we have another Trogan War!

APHRODITE- Yippee! Apollo, truth or dare!

APOLLO- But I just asked you!

APHRODITE- But you didn't get a question!

APOLLO- Fine then. I choose dare.

APHRODITE-  Ummmmmmmm

APHRODITE- Ummmmmmmm

APHRODITE- Ummmmmmmm

APHRODITE- Ummmmmmmm

APHRODITE- Ummmmmmmm

APHRODITE- Ummmmmmmm

ATHENA- Need some help?

APHRODITE- *nods really fast*

ATHENA- *whispers something in ear*

APHRODITE- *grins* Apollo! I challenge you to have a poetry contest with Nike!


ARES- But Nike never looses!

HEPHESTUS- That's the point!

HADES- I shall summon her to the throne room! *snaps fingers*

*girl in a track outfit falls from the sky*

NIKE- Hey! Was just about to win the Olympics! Now Elizabeth Robinson will!

HADES- Too bad! We're playing truth or dare! You have to have a poetry contest with Apollo!

NIKE- *brushes herself off* A contest, huh? Well, I guess I could spare a bit of time. . .


Hope you liked! Its almost summer!! Yay! More updates! Keep the truths and dares coming!!

Have a good night/day/whatever!!! Peace!

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