Chapter 6

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Sally was a man. Or at least she looked like one. Dani wasn't one to judge but there was no way that the arrogant and flirtatious Jax Michaels would saddle himself with the heavy-set woman with short curly hair that looked like a newsboys cap, and an unruly unibrow.

"Who is that?" Dolores asked, interrupting Dani's thoughts.

"That is Detective Michael's fiancée...or so he says."

Dolores' eyes widened, "I thought he was dating you."

"Well you thought wrong. He introduced her as his fiancée and said I should become friends with her."

"Now Dani, there's no sense in being disappointed if you've been dumped. It happens to the best of us. Not me of course...but other people. She may not be a super model but she's...well she's unique." Dolores patted Dani on the shoulder, "Remember beauty is supposed to come from the inside."

"I'm not trying to be mean but there's no way he's really marrying her. No way."

"Maybe she's really good in bed," Dolores guessed.

"Or maybe he likes it rough," Oliver Lee, the owner piped in making both women jump.

"Oliver! Were you eavesdropping again?" Dani asked.

"If you mean was I secretly listening to a conversation that wasn't meant for me to hear...then yes," Oliver answered. "I heard from Tammy."

"What happened is she okay?" Dani asked.

Oliver nodded, "She quit. She said she was going to spend more time with her family before the baby was born."

"That's strange," Dolores murmured. "I didn't think she was close to her family."

"Maybe they made up," Dani suggested, grateful that Tammy was still alive and running her own life. If Tammy had texted Oliver, she had to be alright.

Dani looked across the diner at Jax, Roberto and Sally who seemed to be in some kind of deep discussion she couldn't hear.

Jax glared at Roberto. Sally was a great cop but there was no way in Hell that anyone would believe she was his wife that was trying to get pregnant.

"I don't know guys," Sally leaned back into the pleather booth. "I'm always down for some undercover action but this is a bit strange. Did you two get this okayed?"

"Of course we did. Listen Sally, it'll only take a few hours. We just need to get on site and dig around for a bit."

"So you want me to pose as lady-killer's wife?" Sally stuck a thumb out towards Jax. "I don't look like his normal type."

"Maybe if we put a wig on you," Roberto suggested. "And a dress."

"I'll tell you right now Michaels, I'm not kissing you," Sally chuckled.

"Between you and me, I wouldn't either Sally. Who knows where those lips have been?" Roberto joked.

Jax just shook his head in annoyance, "Don't worry Sally, I'll try to make the whole process as painless as possible. We just need to go in and meet the doctors."

"The doctors?" Sally asked.

"Right. Doctors Bart and Meridith Silverman. They run Majestic Waters."

"Hey Michaels, do you know that pretty brunette?" Sally asked pointing at Dani.

Roberto grinned, "He knows her alright but he wishes he knew her better."

"Montoya!" Jax growled.

Sally shook with laughter, "Is that why you introduced me as your fiancée? To see how she'd react?"

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