"Seriously?! You love him?"

"So much." I said without a doubt.

"Well, I was hoping you'd say that." She pulls out her phone.

"What do you mean?" I asked looking onto her phone beside her.

"I was gonna show you this before all this but I guess now is a good of time as ever."

"Show me what?" I was almost terrified to see what she was gonna show me. Maybe it could be a picture of Trevor and his girlfriend or something. Or it could be a picture of him and a random girl kissing. Those thoughts got the best of me.

"You know what? Maybe I shouldn't look-" I said but Bella rudely cut me off.

"No. Come look at this." It was an interview of Trevor. I was so happy to see his face again but still sad because he wasn't here right now.

Interviewer: So why did you name your mixtape 'In My Feelings'?

Trevor: Well not because I was really in my feelings. (Laughs)

I missed hearing that laugh everyday... I didn't even feel like watching this anymore because everything he says or does triggers another feeling.

Trevor: But basically I named it that because I really wrote the songs from my heart and personal experiences, so I thought that it'd be a great name."

Interviewer: Alright, now we know that you're on tour you know promoting your album, tell us about that.

Trevor: Yeah. Um it's fun, you know being on stage singing your own creation and hearing everyone sing along to it, it's like the best feeling ever. I love it.

Interviewer: And will we see any familiar faces in the music videos for In My Feelings? Such as the one and only Zendaya!! (Crowd cheers)

Okay, that made me feel a little better..

Trevor: Um, I don't really know. Can't really confirm that as of right now but uhm, it would be cool to do another video with her. (smiles)

Oh my God, I missed that smile of his.

Interviewer: Okay, now one last question. We know you are on tour but we just want you to spill it out to us. Are you and Zendaya dating?

I hated that question so much. For multiple reasons. But the main one is because I wish we were actually dating.

Trevor: Uh, nah. We aren't dating. But I mean you never know what could happen in the future you know? But- uh she's my best friend in the whole world and even though I can't see her everyday like I want to, she still means a lot to me. Love her.

And that was the end of the video. That was so sweet of him to say. Gotta a girl crying over it.

"See. No need to worry Z. Once he comes back and you tell him what's been happening since he was gone, he might confess his true feelings for you too." She smiled.

"Thankyou Bella. You really know how to put someone in a good mood. Oh and whatever I said, doesn't leave this room." I said and she smiled walked out my bedroom door. 


One month. Finally the day I get to see Trevor after only two and a half months even though it felt like a lifetime.

I was at the gate where his plane will land with my mom, and Bella.

I'm kinda anxious about seeing Trevor. Will things be awkward because we haven't had an actual conversation in so long? Did he loose the feelings I wish he had for me?

I stopped thinking about all the cons and thought about the pros. I can finally see Trevor and no matter what happens, he'll still be my best friend.

People began walking out of the gate and I didn't see Trevor anywhere. Until 3 minutes later he comes out and we made eye contact for the first time in which felt like forever.

"Z!" Trevor yelled about 20 feet across from me.

"Trevor!!" I ran up to him and he ran up to me and it all just felt like a magical Disney story or something.

The moment we reached each other he grabbed me and pulled me into the tightest hug. My feet lifted off the ground and he twirled me around his arms and at that moment I was the happiest girl in the world.

"I've missed you so much." Trevor said to me. I've never been more glad to hear his voice.

"I missed you too Trev, a lot." I smiled.

I took one of his bags and started rolling it to the doors of the airport. Once we made it out he started talking.

His eyes were squinted because of the wind blowing and he looked so hot. I just got sad realizing that he wasn't mine.

"Bella told me what you went through while I was gone."

"What? But I clearly told her that whatever that was said in that room stays in that room. Why would she eve-"

"Z, it's okay. You really missed me that much?" He asked. It took me a while to answer.

"Well. Yeah. Over that time I realized that I had stronger feelings towards you... Not just as a friend, but as everything else. And I guess I was just depressed that I couldn't find out if you felt the same."

"Really? It's funny how you said that because I have stronger feelings for you too, and I didn't just find that out over the time I couldn't see you, I found it out the first day we meant." He said slowly and all I could feel were butterflies in my stomach.

"Trevor, are you being serious?" I was almost crying.

"Of course. And being on tour only made me feel that way even more. I love the way you're so genuinely kind to everyone. The way you try to make me laugh and you completely fail. The way you still try to convince everyone that you're taller than me. The way that you automatically cuddle up in my arms when I put mine over you. The fact I can tell you anything and everything and I can't tell anyone else. And most importantly, Zendaya I love you. I mean I seriously love you." I don't think I've been this happy in my entire life. 

"I love you too Trevor." Was absolutely all I could say because the tears were streaming down my eyes.

He pulled me close to him and lifted my chin up and placed his lips on mine and without even thinking I kissed him back. Our lips moved together and he pulled me closer to him by wrapping his arm around my waist while cuffing my chin with his free hand. I cuffed my hands on both his cheeks and enjoyed the kiss even more. 

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