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"You know good and well that you don't want a problem like that"


"I can't believe that just happened," I murmur, fisting my slightly curled hair in my fingers.  Justin and Brian clearly did not like each other, but Brian was never one to put up a fight or get angry in any way.

"You are not to associate with him again," Justin orders and I scoff.  Just because the two quarrelled, didn't mean I would stop being friends with Brian.

"There's no problem with him, you just make him angry." I inform him.

"I make him angry because I have something he wants, which is you.  We both want you squirming under our touch." He says feverishly and I feel my stomach flip.

"Anyway, this is my room, the bathroom, my parents' room; they have an on suite. Down there is an entertainment room, and then an office my dad sometimes works in." I point to the doors as we walk by. I decide to not bother speaking about Brian anymore, Justin will shoot down anything I say about him.

I open the door to my room, letting Justin enter. "Hm, cute." He hums as he looks at my creamy light grey walls. He takes a seat on my queen sized bed, patting his lap.

I blush and step over to him. He pulls me down onto his warm thighs. He hums again, smiling against my cheek as he presses a kiss to it. "So, does your dad do a lot of work at home?"

"Sometimes, he really likes his job and does it whenever he can," I shrug. I'm not exactly sure why he's interested.   Justin smiles lightly for an unknown reason.

"But you don't know exactly what he does?" Justin confirms my statement from a while ago.

I nod, and someone knocks on my door.  My dad enters, and I start to scramble off Justin's lap, but he holds me in place.

"Hello, Darrell." Justin has a slight smirk on his face. His arm tightens around me, and the other is on my right hip.  I feel so uncomfortable being on Justin's lap in front of my dad, what would he say about it?

"H-hi, Mr. Bieber," my dad stutters out, and I'm confused at his frightened tone.  I also don't know why he's calling him Mr. Bieber, instead of Justin.  He stays quiet about me being seated on his lap.

Justin finally stands, and I smooth out my pencil skirt.  My dad is staring in awe almost, as Justin reaches forward with his hand extended. My dad shakes it hesitantly. "Allison, go on and save me a seat, I would like to ask your father a few questions." Justin says to me.  I frown, not understanding the tension in the atmosphere.


"Darling," he warns and I bite my lip at the pet name he uses in front of my dad. I retreat downstairs, because I know if I eavesdrop Justin will find out.

My mother and Brian are in the kitchen, placing the finishing touches on tonights meal: salmon with mashed potatoes and some kind of salad.

"Alla, set out plates and cutlery with Brian," my mom says.  I nod, grabbing the plates while Brian grabs the appropriate number of forks and knives.

"Hey, I'm sorry about him coming without you knowing-"

Brian cuts me off, "No, I'm sorry.  I'm your best friend and I should be more supportive. Although he's an asshole - a big one - it's clear he wants to look out for you."

"He won't replace you, if that's what you're worried about." I say softly and place my hand on his shoulder.

"Already has," Brian mutters but I pretend I didn't hear him.

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