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[ 1 ] 2014 


"Okay, we'll give you some privacy. But shoot us a text if you need anything or start having suicidal thoughts."


With the sheet of paper in her hand that had Calum's message, the tears spilled out of Harley Quinn's blue eyes. She felt guilty for Calum's decision to leave Sydney forever. It was because of her choice to be with Ashton that he was gone now, out of her life. Harley didn't know if she would ever see Calum again.

But she already missed him.

The tears continued to stream down her face and a strangled sob made its way out of her lips. That was when her legs gave out beneath her and she fell onto her knees, her hands crumbling his note as she brought her hands to her face. Niall and Andrea watched her for a few moments, unable to think of anything to say to Harley Quinn. They missed Calum as well, he was their only real friend in Sydney. The whole reason why they had stayed so long was to keep him company, especially after he lost his parents.

Niall got on his knees next to her and pulled her in for a hug. Harley cried into his chest, soaking the fabric of his uniform button up shirt. Andrea knelt next to Harley as well, patting her shoulder reassuringly, but still no words left their lips. 

He let Harley cry into his shoulder and it was a good few minutes before her crying stopped and she tried to compose herself. Wiping the tears from her face, there seemed to be no more emerging from her blue eyes, but they could see there was something broken inside her. They knew she felt like Calum had abandoned her. And neither Niall nor Andrea could imagine why he would leave Harley, if he seemed to like her so much. They didn't know what had happened between them. They didn't know she had chosen Ashton.

Pulling away from Niall's embrace, she said to them in a monotone voice, "Will you guys please give me some time alone?"

Andrea eyed her suspiciously. "Are you sure?"

Harley Quinn nodded. "I'm sure. I just need a moment to think. I need to be alone."

Andrea bit her lip, debating whether to listen to her or not. She got back on her feet, grabbed Niall's arm, and gestured for him to follow her. He got up as well and they went a few feet off to discuss things. What they didn't realize was that their voices were everything short of whispering and Harley could hear them clearly.

"What do you think?" Andrea hissed, her voice was an attempt at sounding quiet, but she was failing. "I honestly don't think we should leave her alone."

Niall shook his head, "No, we should stay and watch her. Didn't you watch The Twilight Saga, Andy? When Edward left Bella, she went all crazy suicidal." He pointed out. "What if she kills herself and Calum actually comes back? He'll never forgive us for not watching over her."

"Guys," Harley spoke up from where she was on the cold tiled floor. "I can hear you. And I'm not suicidal." But they didn't know whether to believe her or not. There was no emotion in her words, like she was numb and broken. "I just need to be alone, and maybe I'll be able to figure out where Calum went." Her blue eyes fell onto the words written in the note. There was nothing on there that could help her find him, but she thought that if she looked hard enough she would find something.

The couple stared at her.

Finally, Niall sighed, "Okay, we'll give you some privacy. But shoot us a text if you need anything or start having suicidal thoughts."

Andrea elbowed him in the chest. "Be subtle, love."

Niall winced in pain and rubbed the sore spot. "Sorry. I've never been in a situation like this. I just don't want her to jump off a cliff or anything."

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