Chapter 4

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"Donovan...I know you have Tammy's number. You two went through orientation together. Now cough it up," Dani waved her phone in the air as Donovan flipped a burger. 

"Orientation? Are you talking about when Dolores slapped my ass and said 'this is the kitchen, handsome?' That orientation?" Donovan laughed, his dimples on full display.

"Do you need a refresher training?" Dolores asked, patting her gray hair. She was standing next to Dani in the cramped kitchen, the smell of sizzling bacon dancing around them.

"As much as I love having you two beautiful ladies next to me...I have orders to cook. Why don't you ask Oliver?" Donovan asked.

"Because he's not here today," Dani sighed. "I can't believe neither of us have Tammy's number." She was talking to Dolores who shrugged.

"I know. Tammy's sweet but she liked to keep to herself," Dolores offered. "For all we know this is her way of quitting."

"Maybe, but I'm pretty sure she needs this job right now. C'mon Donovan. Give us her number," Dani asked again.

"I'll tell you what. I'll give you  her number if you give me yours."

Dolores giggled, "You better be careful Dani. Your boyfriend doesn't seem like the type who likes to share."

"Boyfriend?" Donovan asked, a disappointed tone in his voice.

"He's not my boyfriend," Dani blushed.

"Who's your boyfriend?" Donovan asked. "Does he eat here?"

"Why should I tell you? So you can poison his food?" 

"So he is your boyfriend," Donovan said softly.

Dani opened her mouth to protest, but realized what he had asked earlier. She grimaced and held a finger up, "One. He's not my boyfriend. He's just a detective I met when a friend went missing. Two. My personal life is just that...personal. I don't need to explain my relationships to anyone in this restaurant." She gave a hard look to Dolores who shrugged.

"Don't be too aggressive Dani or you'll scare him away," Dolores said. "We still need to find out about Tammy. She's pregnant and on her own." 

"Enough you two. I'm sure she's fine. Did you forget you have customers out there?" Donovan reminded them. "Slow food means slow tips or low tips or something like that."

"I always liked stubborn men," Dolores winked at Donovan before taking a plate of food and heading out of the kitchen.

"So you're really not going to give me her phone number?" Dani asked.

"I won't. Mainly because I don't have it."

"Why didn't you say so?"

"And disappoint Dolores? She thinks I'm some kind of ladies man. I will give you her address. I gave her a ride home once. Maybe you can stop by and check on her," Donovan offered.

"Thank you Donovan!"

Dolores popped her head back into the kitchen to whisper, "Dani! Your boyfriend Detective Jax Michaels is here." 

"Jax Michaels?" Donovan asked. "Isn't he the one from the news?"

Dani smiled, "He and his partner caught The Maestro."

"So he's like a super cop. I guess that means I have no chance then huh?" Donovan turned back to the chicken strip platter he was working on . 

Dani frowned. Was he joking with her? She took a step closer to Donovan, "Jax really is just a friend but I should warn you that I don't date."

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