Chapter (4)

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Pacing in my bedroom, I couldn't decide on what to wear.

Usually I wouldn't even give it a second thought.

But today was different. Today I would be seen as Connor's mate.

His packs future queen, my packs future queen.

My fingers ran over the outfits on my bed.

Each outfit didn't seem right.

My hands went back to the white summer dress which was now hidden under mountains of other clothes.

I pulled it out again and gave it a questioning glance.

My eyes drifted to the clock, if I didn't hurry up breakfast would be over.

I sighed and began to pull the dress over my head.


As I walked up the large hallway, the first thing I noticed was that the dining room doors were closed.

My eye brows furrowed.

Why would my father have the doors closed?

I nodded my head to the door man, and he quickly opened the door revealing my father and mother sitting at the table with The Griffins and Nick.

I tried to ignore the nagging sadness within my heart when I saw Nick.

I ran my hands down the white halter summer dress that stopped a few inches above my knees and walked confidently to my father's side.

I glanced at Nick as a servant pulled my chair out.

His eyes shone with questions, and they seemed to pull me in.

He broke his eye contact with me and turned his stare at Connor.

Looking between both of us.

I gulped as I realized my mistake. I should have of sat in the empty chair next to Connor, not across from him next to my father.

Surely this meant nothing.

It was just breakfast.

But then I noticed how Sophia had her fingers in laced with Nicks and I took in there closeness.

"Nick, Sophia if you could please give us a minute." My father asked.

I whipped my head to my father, my eye brows furrowed again.

But I didn't question his command; instead I turned my attention to the plate of pancakes which had just been placed in front of me.

When Nick and Sophia had left and the doors closed behind them, my father continued.

"Isabella, King Griffin and I have both spoken and decided that it would be best if yours and Connors relationship remained hidden for the time being." He spoke.

My eyes darted to Prince Connors, as he sat across from me with his arms crossed and his eyes on the table.

I felt a dull pull towards him.

His black hair fell across his face and he seemed to have an unreadable expression on his face.

"Why?" I questioned.

Not pulling my eyes from Connor, hoping he would meet mine.

"Your mating is yet to be official; we do not want to place insecurities within both packs." He answered.

I nodded my head.

"No need to cause unneeded stress I suppose." I replied coolly, still waiting for Connor to pull his head up.

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