I walk down the hall. Wait.. Let me introduce myself. Hi. I'm Kaley . I'm 14 and I'm in 9th grade. I go to a performing arts school. No one listens and everyone basically does what they want. It's totally not fair. Anyways.. School has gotten really annoying lately. All my friends can go to hell from what they put me through yesterday. They have no damn clue what my life is like. I do have a boyfriend. His name is Eric. 14 and plays on the football team. My baby is a jock. Sounds cool right? Well.. ITS NOT!!! He's a asshole and the only reason why i'm with him is because he liked me and I supposedly represent the gang. I dunno. But anyway... I barely even talk to my "bf". Anway let me tell you what happened yesterday with my so called "friends" so I went with them to this party. We were in my friend Ciara's party and we were playing spin the bottle with my other 3 friends Rita, Liz and Arielle. So it was my turn so I spun and we were using Rita's Ipad app for truth or dare so I picked truth and the question was: "Go around and ask all the members if they like you or not." So I started with Ciara and went all around the circle. First up was Ciara she was actually.. high so when she is high the truth comes out in her.

Kaley: so.. Ciara do you like me?

Ciara: no.

Kaley: -confused- wait what? I'm your best friend.

Ciara: no your not. No one in this group likes you.

Kaley: *hurt* what--

Ciara: ask anyone. No one. Not even my family. Your a bitch Kaley.

Kaley: well..

Ciara: exactly.

Kaley: *about to cry*

Ciara: ok. Rita what do you think of Kaley?

Kaley: *starring at Rita*

Kaley POV: out of everyone I trusted Rita the most. She has been there for me through my darkest hour and wow. what a real best friend they are.

Rita: um. To be honest your really annoying Kaley. You always think your better than any of us cause you have a jock as a boyfriend.

Kaley: *trying to hold in her tears* Rita you have been always been there for me and now your not

Rita: I was only there for you because I'm nice to everyone. Sorry.

Kaley: ok..

Ciara: ok.. now you Liz. Tell us your thoughts.

Liz: no. you don't wanna know my thoughts.

Ciara: you have too. sorry.

Liz: Kaley. Your full of it and just a bitch to everyone ok?

Kaley: I'm done. Stop!!!!!! *crying and runs out*

Arielle: Kaley. wait!

Kaley: -ignores them and walks out-

Arielle: guys really? Kaley has been through a lot in her life. Picking on her wont do anything.

Ciara: well I don't like her

The truth is everyone likes Kaley but Ciara. and Ciara is supposedly the leader of the group so if Ciara doesn't like something they all don't like it. Stupid but true.

Arielle: this 'clique' of ours is just so damn stupid. Kaley is a nice person and picking on her wont do shit.

Ciara: well fine. then get out my party Arielle.

Arielle: your so lame Ciara. Go somewhere far. *grabs her stuff and leaves*

Ciara: who needs her?