s*t*a*r*s 10 - pt 176

Start from the beginning

They are at my door

Their darkness seeping into my core

Never wanted to hurt a soul

It was never my ultimate goal

Told me to stay away from the bright white light

Sun is poison – stay in the night

Moon rests overhead

I’m in trouble again



“Why in hades are you worrying about this?” asks Spencer, her hands deep in her pockets.  She lets her power rove out but for some reason she can never get the perfect grasp on the power around here in Maine.

Sydney sighs.  They are at the Legacy.  Rylee is in a room with Keziah, practicing following his time line.  She’d kicked them both out and they were now walking the grounds of the Maine Hotel.

“What if doing that made that rip leap to somewhere it could be used again?  I keep getting this feeling that I did something wrong or bad.  And it’s been driving me crazy.”

Spencer grimaces, her hand reaches out and snatches Sydney’s, intertwining their fingers and she tugs Sydney into her arms.  “Stop. If it happens it happens, at this point what can you do about it?”

Sydney feels the heat of their closeness and she steps back.  “Okay.”

Spencer’s brow furrows.  She feels the sting of rejection, and then remembers that they aren’t together and won’t be for a long time.  Spencer takes a step back, her prosthetic snags on a rock and she falls backwards, her arms pin wheeling to steady herself.

Sydney reaches out and teleports her back to standing and Spencer feels a hot swing of vertigo at the short port distance.  Then the heat turns cold and Spencer shivers, feeling a ripple of nausea and her eyesight narrows.  Spencer reaches out into the world for some energy to steady herself but pulls back.  “What the hell?”

“Spencer?” asks Sydney.  “What is it?”

Spencer licks her lips.  “It tastes wrong.  The energy here… tastes like…. Oh my god, it tastes likes the alternate reality!  Something is happening, Syd, and it’s not good.”




Jo and Amy walk into the beach house to find Emma and Shelby playing cards.  “What are you two doing?” asks Amy with a wry smile.

“Game of Go Fish,” says Shelby, “Can’t play poker with two unless it’s strip poker.”

“And can’t play poker with you, Jo,” says Emma.  “Because all you want to do is poke her.”  Emma lifts her chin to indicate Amy.

“Oh my god,” sighs Amy, she rubs her face and laughs.  The back and forth between them all is such a comfort.  It has been so easy and fluid in the last few months that Amy has almost all but forgotten that they’d been separated for years. 

“You two are being…” Jo is cut short as she slaps her hand to her neck and topples face first onto the floor of the beach house. 

“JO!” screams Amy, reaching out for her, slamming down onto her knees and grabbing Jo.

Emma’s gun is out and she pushes the table over onto its side, spraying the cards and the glasses onto the floor.  Amy sends out a protective bubble around them.  Shelby hunkers down and looks at Jo’s neck.  “Elder oak.”  The flesh is grey and sickly and Jo’s eyes are transfixed.

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