part 6

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(Exactly 4 years and 3 months later)

Abby was sitting behind Abby's desk when the phone rings.

"Hello Abigail Scuito's lab" Caitlin said confidently down the phone "Hello is Abby there?" A woman asked sweetly "No sorry, she is at the crime scene" Caitlin replied "Oh well could I come down to the lab and wait for her?" The voice said anxiously "Um I guess, we are in the basement" Caitlin replied not as confident and a bit scared as she does not know who this person is "Ok, I know I've been here plenty of times before though" The voice said then hung up. A few minutes later the elevator made a ding and Caitlin jumped out of her seat hoping it was her mother at the door, but it wasn't. Out of the elevator walked a woman in her late 50's early 60's with red hair which was back in a ponytail.

When Caitlin saw this woman she instantly knew who she was even though she was never able to meet her. "Hello" The women said sweetly "I spoke to someone on the phone they said I could come down here and wait for Abby" She said nervously "Yes I know, that was me you talked to" Caitlin said with a scared expression still on her face. "Oh right, well it sounded like an adult on the phone" she said which made Caitlin giggle "What's your name?" The lady asked, Caitlin got scared so she used her alias name "My name is Maya-Anne" Caitlin said hoping the women wouldn't notice she was lying "What's yours?" she added "Well nice to meet you Maya, I'm Jennifer... Jennifer Shepard" Once Jennifer said that Caitlin knew she was in trouble as she knew Jennifer Shepard was dead. She quickly escorted Jennifer too the back room and as soon as she got in the back-room Caitlin locked the door and ran over to the small monitor and called Autopsy, upon the screen was Brenna and Jimmy laughing "Uncle Jimmy" Caitlin shouted breathing heavily. Jimmy turned to see Caitlin struggling to breathe on the screen and didn't answer he ran and ran until he got to Abby's lab "Caitlin?" He shouted while scanning the room until he found her in the corner breathing heavily and shaking "Caitlin" He shouted again running over to Caitlin and picking her up. At that moment, Brenna ran in with an asthma pump in her hand, she quickly passed it to Jimmy and he helped Caitlin use it, then he took her into a huge hug followed b Brenna joining them. Jenny couldn't hear anything of what they were saying but she could see them. "I wonder if she's Jimmy and that girl's daughter" Jenny thought, but then she noticed that Maya was dressed the way that Abby does. "Is she Abby's?" Jenny thought while having a shocked expression on her face. Jimmy looked up once he noticed Jenny was watching them, he passed Caitlin to Brenna and walked into the back room "Jenny?" He said looking her up and down "Hello Mr Palmer, I haven't seen you in 7 years! How are you?" She asked him hoping he wouldn't ask the inevitable question "I'm good Jenny, I'm married. How are you here?" you died!" Jimmy said "Crap he asked it" Jenny thought to herself "Um well you should ask Dr Mallard that when he gets back Mr Palmer" Jenny said trying to dodge the question "So is Maya your daughter?" Jenny said changing the subject completely "What who's Maya?" Jimmy said then he remembered that that's the undercover name Caitlin uses. "Oh, you mean Caitlin, she calls herself Maya to strangers when she is scared, but no she is my Niece. She's Abby's daughter." Jimmy didn't say she was McGee's daughter too because he thought it would be best for Abby to tell her that. "Oh right, well is that your wife in there with Caitlin?" Jenny asked looking at Brenna playing with Caitlin on Abby's computer "Oh yes that's Brenna" Jimmy smiled "Well you have done well Mr Palmer" Jenny says rubbing his arm "Thanks, the rest of the team should be back soon" As Jimmy said that he heard Caitlin scream "Mommy"


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