Roc Royal Imagines

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~Birthday surprise...~

He sits in the dark and waits for you to approach his door. You open his door slowly and peek your head through the small crack. "Hello? Roc, where are you??" You close the door slowly in his very dim lit room, and you could only see him as a figure. "STOP, don't move e.e" He grabs you by your arm and waves his pocket knife in your face. You tremble and look into his dark, brown eyes. "Lay down on the bed NOW!" You lay down on the quickly and fear as you feel a tear run to the back of your neck. "I-I thought that you wanted me to c-". "Shhh >:)" Roc glides the tip of his cold knife across your soft, top and bottom lips. He puts his knife in his pocket and grabs a thick, prickly rope from under his bed and ties up your arms. "Roc, w-what's going on?? What are you d-doing?? :'("..."Shh, you'll feel better, I promise :)" Roc whips out his knife and pulls out a case of strawberries and whipped cream. He pierces a strawberry and slips it in betwwen your lips. "Hold it with your teeth :)" He gets ontop of you and you both bite down on the strawberry and your lips meet. Rocs hands were rough and scared, but his lips were soft and smooth. He slides your pants down with his knife, making it easier. You look down at his knife and manage to crack a smile on your face. "Roc v.v" You try to ease your mind, but the fact that a man was holding a knife closer and closer to your soft skin crazed you. He sighs lowly and looks into your eyes. "Your still not enjoying this...... are you??". "No >.>" You shake your head and look to the side waiting for this to end. He scoops up some whip cream with the tip of his knife and throws a seductive look at you. "Lick it off ;)" You swirl your tongue around the tip and lick most of it off and you smile. Roc takes the knife and sucks the rest of it off. He cuts off your underwear quickly and tosses them to the floor. He cracks a smile at you then puts alot of whip cream on his middle and index finger and sticks the whip cream inside of your kitty. You squirm and moan lowly and the fact that you struggled turned him on. "Sit still baby, I gotta get it all in there ;)" He spirals his fingers inside of you once more and licks your wet insides off of his fingers. "Now, I PROMISE that your gonna love this part.." He slides down your stomach, kissing his way down until he reaches your kitty. You look at him with wide eyes and a look of seduction. You nod at him, letting him enter you..He sighs siftly and his warm breath tickles your insides, he sticks his tongue inside of your lips and begins to suck out the whip cream. You moan out his name lowly and your hips dance with his tongue. He licks the inside of you and continues to suck out more of the whip cream. Your eyes roll back in your head and you uncontrolably wine your hips as he sticks his tongue deep and sucks even harder. "Baby I'm almost done ;)" You feel an orgasim building up in the pit of your stomach as you begin to whale out Chresanto's name. The sounds he made, chimmed and bounced around in your head. "Mhmm Roc, I'm gonna c-" Before you knew it, your liquids filled his mouth along with the sweet whip cream. He swallows and licks the rest until there's no more left inside of you. Roc kisses your 2nd lips softly and tugs at eack one aggressively. The sensation he left inside of you, made you want more of him. Your mind was telling you no, but your body was saying otherwise. "See, that wasn't so bad ;D" He licks his fingers and stands to his feet while untying the ropes. You layed there on his bed in a daze, wanting more, not just his tongue..You wanted it ALL. Roc walks to his door and turns back around and looks at you while winking, "Happy birthday ;)" He leaves you dumbfounded and you lay in his bed feeling dirty, but in a good way. "Best, birthday, EVER!" You smile really hard and leave out of his room, back into yours. A perfect ending, to a perfect day...