3rd POV

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Nico knew he has to talk to Leo about this. He didn't particularly want to but he HAD to, for Leo's sake. So as soon as dinner was over he went to talk to Chiron about it. Chiron gave his approval. So he went to find Leo.

It didn't take long to find him. He was leaning against his cabin, talking in Spanish to a younger camper. Isobel Valdez, his sister and apparently distant family. Nico walked up to the two and tapped Leo's shoulder. Leo finished what he was saying with a laugh and lightly pushed a giggling isobel towards campfire. Still laughing the Latino turned to Nico. But as soon as their eyes met it stopped.

Nico sat down on the cabin steps. His shoulders hunched and hands in his hair. He could feel everything around him. Every footstep. Every pulse around him, pounding in his head. It hurt. He couldn't take it. He grabbed his hair and tugged. Then it suddenly stopped. His mind was quiet and empty.

Nico looked up to see Leo with a look of confusion. He motioned for leo to sit. He sat down beside Nico and took his hand.

"I'm leaving tonight." Nico sighed


"My father needs me in the underworld."

"How long will you be gone." Leo looked at him, completely serious and worried

"T..two months..." Nico stuttered, scared for his reaction

"TWO MONTHS nonono." Leo stood up and paced twice before turning to Nico, "I think I'm going to be sick."

"Hey hey you're going to be fine." Nico stood in front of the boy.

"I..I." Leo started crying

"No no please no crying." Nico stepped forward and hugged him close.

"Will..will you sing for me?"

" yeah okay. Let's go to my cabin."

He decided to shadow travel to his cabin instead of walking. When they were in the cabin Nico walked to his piano.

"I'm only singing alittle okay?"


With that he started playing:
Piano bit

Hopefully you'll be fine without me by your side, hopefully I will too.
Times have changed and now I don't even know myself, do I even want to?
You can breathe while I I will suffocate myself
What is it about you?
You can breathe while I'm out of oxygen tonight.
What is it about you that lea...

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