Clear: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Mixed Greens

Surrounded by white walls and bright fluorescent lighting, the thirty-first floor of Leoné Investments appeared to be structurally intact. Chris continued to guide me an in-depth ground tour, and we took a stroll around the entire open floor. Half of the room was a grid of mid-height walls, and apparently all of those spaces occupied by people like me– interns.

Though, the biggest difference between them and me was age. I was nodding and smiling to the undergraduate youths who were likely on the path toward distinct career goals, while I– at twenty-five– was still dabbling around fields.

Before I could wallow in any more of my post-graduate misery, my manager led me to a corner of the floor where a grand wooden desk was positioned to oversee the hive of interns.

Chris smiled and extended his arm toward a familiar face, "And here is Renee Sampson's space. When she's not handling any accounts of her own, she manages all of the interns."

I extended my hand to the familiar smiley, brown-eyed blonde who was quick to stand and engage in the gesture.

I chirped, "It's nice to finally meet you."

"It's nice to meet you as well. Love the skirt," Renee sweetly remarked, but I internally panicked.

Shade, sis?

I glanced down, as though I was getting ready to brush off her compliment playfully. But what I was did was check for remains of the coffee catastrophe. Lucky me, there was nothing I could see.

Haha, life! You thought you had one on me!

"Thank you! Cute outfit as well. Willoughby sure was a fan of it," I teased.

Renee let out a cute cackle and remarked with a hair flip, "He could never."

I could tell Renee, and I were going to get along just fine, and Chris looked very pleased with the success of introductions. Well, I was on the same page, until Renee mentioned something relatively harmless.

"See you two for lunch?" she asked with her dark manicure brows.

"Yep!" Chris nodded, before shuttling me away in my frazzled glory.

It was the first day, and somehow I was faced with a troubling situation before I could get anything started. How was I going to bring up my pre-arranged lunch situation to him? But I had to push that question back with another.

Why are we rounding the intern corner?

And why was he displaying an empty cube with taller walls to me?

"Here is where you will be situated," he smiled.

My lips pursed, "Oh, I thought I would be–"

"You may be an intern, Ada, but you're on a full-time paid internship. Renee's interns are part-time and focused on comparing data while learning the basics of the beast. You'll be shadowing me, and I have different, more challenging responsibilities in store for you," he smiled.

I had to admit, the knot in my throat went down a little easier than I expected. It felt good to be considered capable of more despite my title.

My blank stare into space compelled Chris to ask, "Everything okay?"

"Yeah!" I quietly cheered, ridding the air of my awkward nature.


"Don't tell the other interns, but you just got the newest computer in the office," he whispered.

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