Special: Yuu x Mika (drabble)

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A/N thank you guys so very much for the 7k reads, 200 votes and 50+ comments, it really makes me happy to know that my story is being supported like this. So as a thank-you, I'm doing a special chappie, doing a shipping a lot of people I know support: Yuuichirou x Mikaela. Note that I'm not doing anything lemon or lime. I'm going to do a Jealous!Shinya x Reader next! Sorry for the short chappie. Please read, vote and comment! Feedback is always appreciated!

Mika PoV
I'm running with Yuu in my arms. I finally have Yuu, I finally saved him from those vampires and humans. He's unconscious in my arms and so I carry him tighter. When Yuu slowly opens his eyes, he notices me carrying him. "Mi...ka?" 

"Don't worry, Yuu. Everything's gonna be alright." I reassure him. "I'll take you somewhere more safe and secure, so hang on tight."

Yuu blinks, but doesn't speak. I find myself simultaneously smiling at his silence: "Don't worry, Yuu...I've got you, we can be together, away from this war-driven world...it can finally be peaceful...with just the two of us... ... ..."

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