Aphrodite 4

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Everyone was having a busy day when Aphrodite burst in.

"Aphrodite don't you dare open your mouth WE DON'T HAVE TIME!". Athena shouted, obviously stressed out.


Athena turned, her eyes wide,"what did he do exactly?"

"He said something about needing the prince and princess of the underworld in the underworld."

"HE IS NOT BRINGING THEM INTO THIS. THAT IDIOT!"  Athena's hair was on fire. Grey flames going everywhere.

"Poseidon! Zeus!". She called

The two gods flashed into the room grumbling about work. They stopped when they saw Athena and Aphrodite's flaming hair.

"What's up with you two?". Poseidon questioned

"Hades has brought his children into this situation!"

"And?". Zeus cut in


"I have no power over my brothers decisions concerning his children.". Zeus calmly stated

"YOU ARE BOTH IDIOTS!". Athena flashed out of the room in annoyance.

"She's right you know...you never listen to us or the demigods." Aphrodite mumbled

She gave them both a short glance before walking out of the room.

Things just got serious. Even Aphrodite! What is this thing Athena speaks of? You'll have to wait and see. Thank you guys so much I love you all!
(Song listened to: lane boy live by twenty one pilots. I really love how you can hear Tyler get used to it and more comfortable. It actually really helped with writing)

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