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Hey!! I'm Mia Abigail Evans, I am 17 and I have been best friends with Justin Bieber, since the beginning. I am a sweet, outgoing girl. I am also really good friends with Chaz Somers and Ryan Butler. They have been here for me since Justin's in Atlanta being famous. My girl that's always by my side is Brianna, i love that girl with all my heart! (: <3 Another thing you will need to know about me is that I only live with my mom. My dad died in War 2 years ago.. and i miss him soo much<3 So here is my story, about Me and My bestfriend.

(P.S. i accidentally made this story Restricted... but its not... its supposed to be PG 13....and it won't let me change it back!! :/ --MiaNoella)

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