Chapter 6-The Red Glow

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I nervously laugh for a moment. Then I gulp and shake my head. I can't help but think, are the words and voices I've been hearing coming from these images, fairies? I fall back on my bed and laugh. Maybe, just maybe, this is real.

I shut the book carefully and place it on my dresser. Perhaps there are two different types of faeries then, according to whoever had the journal. Maybe, there are good and bad fairies. Since I have nothing else to do I might as well see if they exist for myself. My mind keeps reminding me though, this can't possibly be real.

There are multiple questions bubbling in my head, but I realize the time and remember I have to clean out the shed.

I pull on a light jacket and run downstairs. Then I walk out the back porch, skipping to the shed with a new glimmer of hope.


I open up the wooden shed and sure enough my tools are scattered all over the floor. The little shelves are coated in a nice layer of dust. Getting to work, I pick up my tools off the floor and put them in their bins. Next, I wipe off the shelves with a rag. To me, I think it looks clean enough, so I shut the door to the shed and start to head back.

Suddenly, I remember I still haven't brought my stuff inside from when I slept outside. I walk to the very back of the yard and grab my sleeping bag, flashlight and other belongings that I left behind. Remembering those haunting eyes, I am quick to just grab my stuff and go.


"H-hello? Is anyone there?" I say turning my head towards the direction of the sound, the woods beyond our fence.

Not hearing anything in response, I turn back towards the house and walk five steps.

Nice going, now she heard you! Hurry up!

My eyes widen and for some reason I'm stuck in place, I turn my head around ever so slowly, toward the voice. But to my dismay, I see nothing. Sighing, I continue walking back to the house. When I go inside I find my stepmom made dinner.

We had ham, potatoes and salad. Dad also got home tonight from his trip.

I sit on my bed reading through the journal again.

As I flip through the carefully sketched drawings of fairies, I consider that they could be real. I just need some evidence. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know the glitter has something to do with all of this. I shut the old green book and get ready for bed while humming a random song.

"Elaine?" My dad says, making me jump at the sound of the voice. I guess I didn't hear the door open.

"Hey, dad. How was your trip?" I ask.

"It went okay. I just wanted to say goodnight." He replies with a tired smile.

"Goodnight dad. Have a good day at work tomorrow." I say while shutting my closet.

"Goodnight, Elaine." He says shutting my door.

Now alone, I walk over to my bed and pull the covers over me.


The curtains of my window blow gently back and forth. Maybe I should shut my window tonight, it might rain. I get up and look out the window, into the backyard.

Lightning bugs gracefully flicker through the tree line, what a peaceful night. Abruptly, the temperature outside seems to drop and I shiver, feeling chilled to the bone. I'm quick to slide the window closed. Just as I lay back in bed, I hear the howl of the wind outside. I shut my eyes anyway, trying to get to sleep before the storm gets louder.

Feeling restless, I turn over on my side facing the window. I really hope it quiets down or else I'm never going to get to sleep. Eventually, my eyes slowly fall closed and my heartbeat slows its pace. A flicker of red pulses by my window. There's no way that's a firefly. No, it's too big, in fact, it seems to grow every time its red light pulses.

Wide awake, I tense up in fear. This is almost exactly like that dream I had.

Then, just like that, the red flickering light vanishes. However, I don't feel like it's completely gone. All of the sudden, I hear a click. My window slowly opens, inch by inch.

With a feeling of dread, I slide the covers back from me and sit up in bed. I mentally prepare myself for whatever is opening my window. When my window opens all the way, by a seemingly unknown force, I squint my eyes.

All of the sudden, a red glowing orb illuminates right in front of my face, two inches away. I jolt my head back and bang it against my head, I groan in pain. Strangely, when I focus in on the floating red orb, it stays still, as if it's watching me.

When my heart calms down, about a minute passes and I start to feel a warmth radiating off of the floating orb. I swear it is watching me, it's almost like its alive. Is it a UFO? Maybe I'm hallucinating.

I squeeze my eyes shut then open them again. Sure enough, the floating orb is still there.

As if pulled by an unknown force, my hand extends slowly toward the mysterious red glowing orb. When my hand just touches the edge of its light, it flickers violently and bolts across my living room. The orb goes crazy as I watch it fly around my room hitting against the wall and bumping into my bookshelf.


I jump with a start, glancing out the window as lightning flickers across the sky. Great, now it's storming out while I'm stuck in here with this freaky light orb. Finally, the orb hits my ceiling light and seems to fade away, disappearing. I sigh out loud in relief.


I hear my window slam shut, turning toward it I shriek in terror.

"Ah! W-w-who are you?" I whisper-yell.

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