Demon Soul

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The Lives of innocent souls being wasted.

Some tormented and tortured each second.

Mine is wasted in this Hell.

This gruesome body rotting away with a demon soul.

Searching to rape others like it already has.

To stomp on peoples hearts wrapped in a spiked metal chain of rusty nails.

To drag it through the mud and fire leaving a trail of blood behind.

Pure red blood while mine is jet black like the color of a demons eyes and soul.

Pale skin that brings out such dark eyes.

For when i cry, i bleed out black that flows out to tremble down my cheeks to my chin.

I scream in pain and agony for someone to notice my torment but no one helps.

Left to rot where i stand with no emotions but sorrow and pain.

What has caused this to happen to me?

What have i become?


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