The Voice and I

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“I don’t know what’s wrong with me!” I screamed, as I hammered the pillows on my bed.

I am very unhappy, that Ruth had once again managed to embarrass me in front of the whole crowd. It wasn’t my area of expertise to answer her ridiculous questions with smart and witty answers. I wasn’t as smart as her. Life is so unfair.

Oh, nothings wrong with you. You’re fine. Don’t take her insults too hard. Time will pass and everyone will forget about it. Don’t worry.

I froze. No one was around my room when I entered it. The door’s locked, and I have the key. Wow. I must be getting weirder than I thought.

No you’re not! You are fine! Stop insulting yourself.

I became very terrified when the voice sounded so near. I turned my back slowly, poising my body into a karate style I just had seen from t.v. No one was there. But I wasn’t relieved yet. The culprit’s still not found.

“Who’s there?” I bravely called, wondering how long I will last before I faint again.

I don’t have that kind of amusement for actions. I sleep in the bed all day and mock myself all night. I suddenly realized that was the reason for all the flabs around my body. Big deal. Adrian’s a lot worse than me.

Why do you have to compare yourself to other people? You’re fine, nothing’s wrong with you, the end. No need to upset yourself.

When I heard the voice this time, I felt curios more than nervous. Instead of talking, I thought. Who are you anyway to tell me things like that? If you are trying to comfort me, it’s just making things a lot much worse. You are not helping.

The voice answered almost immediately. Ooopsss. Sorry. I’d try much better next time.

Who are you?  I thought.

Me? Are you kidding? You made a creation you don’t know?

I was astonished. Creation? What are you saying? I’m a god? I can create people now?

The voice seemed to laugh. I began to love that cute and cheerful voice.

Sorry. I haven’t introduced myself formally. The name’s Voice, and I’m officially your best friend. Oh, and in case you might think I’m a ghost, I’m not. Because you created me.

I stared into blank space. They’re absolutely right. I am getting insane. Mom will be happy enough to send me to the mental asylum. Just to get rid of me.

Hey! I’m serious. Don’t think you’re crazy. I’m real!The voice hollered in my head.

If you’re real, then where the heck are you? I demanded.

I’m a voice. You can’t see me.

Oh really. This talk makes me convinced I should be sent to the hospital now.

You sure are stubborn. No wonder people hate you.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been already told that a million times in my twelve years of existence.

You really don’t believe don’t you?

I sighed. Of course not!

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