The next day, we were all n the search for the gorillas again, while Tarzn was nowhere to be found at the moment. Jane and the professor were shocked at the presence of Kaino, the professor however was mostly fascinated and kept trying to get pieces of Kaino's fur and saliva to do tests, it was a funny thing to watch when Kaino would shake him off and then growl annoyed and roll his eyes.

"Oh come now," the professor protested. "Just a little snip! it wont hurt that bad, let me at least have a toe nail clipping!."

Clayton of course kept quiet about the previous events that happened the night before. Jane and the professor were so excited and they thought they were close due to the fact that they found traces of the gorillas, but little did they know that Clayton  had run them out toa new area because of his  greed. But my questiion was where was Tarzan? We hadn't seen him since yesterday afternoon.

More days went on, more gorilla searches, more days of Renxsuke not telling me his life story...i knew he was glad because we became busy more frequently and he didnt mention it once. And no sign of Tarzan anywhere. 

On one of the nights that we werent doing anything, and relaxing, we all ahd left to gather fruit and sorts and when we got back the campsite was trashed, the tents, broken mirrors, even the flag was torn off the pole.

'It must have been the gorillas..."Jane said.

"Yes darling i think you may be right, we must find Tarzan," said the professor

By the time we had all finished cleaning up a bit Kaino was already asleep by the fire. Renxsuke and I had sat down, to take a moment to breathe. He sat there quietly, it almost seemed like he had something to say. But i wasnt going to pry, i was starting to get tired of reaching out to him and trying to get to know someone who didnt want to open up to anyone. I wasnt giving up, i was just taking a break from it.

"My parents died when I was 7, I've pretty much been on my own since then....they died on a boat crash in a typhoon....and i somehow survived....and i guess i feel a little guilty that I got to live and they didnt...."

"What?" hearing him speak caught me off guard. He took off his hood and turned slightly towards me.

"Since I was young families would take me in constantly,feeling sorry for me, that i was just a lost soul looking for redemption, hoping to turn me into this perfect little boy, trying to change what i was...that maybe i was just so torn up they thought they could help... but then they'd put me out....either because I did something so bad to be put out, they didnt want me anymore, or they just got tired with less mouth to feed...."

"What were the things you did?"

"I cant tell you that yet," he paused. "Anyway since i was 12 i decided to go on my own completely, not to trust anyone but myself.....I was the only person I could count on..." All of that makes since to why he's so secretive about everything. "One night after i had stolen some food from a tavern thats probably long gone by now....I was almost attacked by the most horrrifying looking heartless I've ever seen....thats when one winged angel and rapture appeared to protect me...i had no idea what these things were....i was just glad i was safe....and then he showed up...Aaron....he found me....trained me all he could....then he left....i was by myself and on my own....and there were things i had to teach myself...i couldnt even count on him..."

"There are still some missing puzzle pieces..."

"I'm not going to tell you every little thing now...a story this amazing should be waited on."

"My apologies oh great one" i said sarcastically

"But anyway even from then to when i was younger...i had the power of darkness...that was the only thing i could trust....even the little speck of light in my heart couldnt protect me....the darkness was and is me..."

" know how you said you were made of darkness? what did you mean?"

"That will have to wait..."


"Goodnight, Ayame," he chuckled.

"We barely scratched the surface...!"

"Oh well. you'll have to wait..."

"Renxsuke!" he didnt respond after that,  "Are you serious?! Oh my gosh! Ugh!' aggravted and annoyed i forced myself to go to sleep.

The next day we all got up to search again, Clayton was walking around with this huge cage, thinking it was his lucky day i guess. We were in the bamboo grove when suddenly Tarzan appared and attacked the Clayton filled with anger and sadness. "Why? Why?!"

"Tarzan stop!" Jane yelled as she tried to pull him off . "What is this about Tarzan!"

"Clayton....hurt gorillas...Ayame... Renxsuke..hurt gorillas...on Claytons order."

"What is he talking about Clayton?'

"I have no idea, hes probably just been in the sun too much, come now Tarzan,"Clayton said as he placed a hand on Tarzan's shoulder, and instantly Tarzan threw Clayton to the ground. Clayton got up and aimed his gun at Tarzan, and Jane stood in front of them. "Jane, get out the way."

"What is going on?! Tarzan wouldnt be this upset for no reason."

"Fine, I did it, we went after the gorillas and we almost got them! I got more things done then walking around in the jungle all day! You two, lock the three of them up in that cage and put them somewhere out of sight! I'm doing things my way now." and then Clayton walked off somewhere.

Please, dont..."Jane pleaded. I ignored  her plea and locked them in the huge metal cage using the darkness. I started to look around to see if there was a place i could put them and then i saw a cave above a waterfall...i teleported all of us to the cave, ready to leave I started to make my way out the cave until Jane spoke, making me stop.

"Please dont do this....please..we have to save the gorillas."

"Thats not our problem.." Renxsuke said.

"Arent you two ashamed at all?" The professore asked.

"We dont have any room or time to feel," I started. 'We are under orders.."

'Claytons?"Jane asked. "If so, you dont have to, if he's threatened you two we will help you..."

"No," I said. "Not Clayton's...." I then created a portal for us.

"Try not to go anywhere," Renxsuke said loosely as we walked through the portal to return to castle oblivion leaving Tarzan, Jane, and her father locked up in a dark cave like animals.

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