3rd POV

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The day was going perfectly. They held hands around camp and Leo would kiss Nico's cheek, just to see him blush.
WAS being a keyword.
It was at dinner when everything started going wrong. First homophobic comments were made. Then Leo was pushed into Nico. But the thing no one expected was Hades coming to visit.

One minute Nico was poking his food. The next Hades was sitting in front of him. No grand entrance. Nothing. He just sat in front of him, imbetween jercy of course ;). Nico just rolled his eyes as the two jumped away.
"What do you want father.". Nico asked, boredly.

"I need you in the underworld Prince Nico." Hades emphasised the prince.

Nico raised an eyebrow at the god, "and why is that?"

"I need some help from the prince and princess of the underworld." Hades snapped his fingers and Hazel appeared in an image of black smoke. She was sitting in the underworld.

Nico then became worried. Both of them? At the same time. Who knows what could have been wrong. Nico obviously became scared. He slouched and his eyes fell with a dazed look.

"How long this time?" He looked up at his father, his most serious tone being used.

"I cannot tell you such things in this place."

"HOW LONG?" Nico's eyes narrowed and he stood up from his position.

"Two months..."

Nico's face fell and he slowly sat down. 2 months. What about Leo? Will he move on? Will he wait? What's going to happen while he's gone?
These were all questions he asked himself in that moment.

The moment his world....came crashing down around him.

HAHAHAHA emotions one of my favourite things. I'm so sorry but I got the idea and this could mean a sequel. I THINK THIS MEANS A SEQUEL I'M SCREAMING. HSOSVODN I'm fangirling at my own story. I'm so lame omfg. But yeah I got the idea and I wrote it and now I want to make a sequel. So be expecting a sequel and maybe a songfic. WOO I'M ON FIRE. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THANK YOU!
(Song listened to: Out there from The hunchback of Notre Dame.
This was the song I was listening to when I came up with this. Whoops Disney made me want to make feels. I'm laughing at myself WHY.)

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