Justin Bieber One Shot Dirty #1

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So you had won the chance to make a film with your idol Justin, and Selena. You got to the place where it was being filmed and you met the producers. You were so excited. You didn't know what part you had or what part you were doing until the producers told you. You freaked out because you couldn't believe what you were going to do. You were going to be playing THE JUSTIN DREW BIEBER'S GIRLFRIEND. This is what was happening in the film.

You and Justin are in a relationship and you were going to meet Justin at the park. You got to the park and saw Justin, you smiled really big. Then you saw Justin with another girl. The other girl was Selena. She hugged him and he hugged her back. They broke up about 3 months ago and you and Justin started dating 2 months ago. You went up to them and said to Justin "Whats going on?" you had tears in your eyes and Justin just looked at you and was really upset to see you the way you were. You ran off and went home. Justin followed screaming "Wait, let me explain, im sorry please!" You ran into your house, no one was home because your parents were on holiday. You ran upstairs and went and cried in a corner. Justin came up to you sat down and you were so upset you said "I hate you, leave me alone i never want to see you again" You looked up at Justin and he started crying, you didnt mean any of the stuff you said. He ran out of your room crying and you heard the front door slam and you knew he had gone. About 10 minutes later you heard a noise downstairs you were scared because you didnt know who it was. You rang Justin he answered and said "What?" you said "Justin im sorry please just come over, i think theres someone downstairs and i dont know who, im scared please" he said "Ok im coming now." You stayed on the phone to Justin. You heard the person coming upstairs and you were so scared you said down the phone to Justin "Are you still there Justin? They're coming upstairs, JUSTIN?" the person then turned the door handle on your door. You screamed. Then in walked Justin laughing. You screamed at him "JUSTIN DONT EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN YOU SCARED ME" You started crying again. Justin came and sat down beside you, hugged you and said he was sorry. You said "No, im sorry i didn't mean anything i said, i love you justin you mean everything to me" Justin said to you "Well you didn't let me explain, Selena was saying thank you because i took her to the hospital to see her mum because her mum is in hospital, she just gave me a hug to say thank you. Thats all that happened, nothing else, i promise." You looked at justin and started crying because you hadn't let him explain and you hated yourself for saying what you said to him. He picked you up and placed you on your bed, you felt so weak from all the crying. You said to Justin as he lay next to you, face to face "I love you Justin" he said "I love you too" You both looked at each other and smiled. Justin said "Do you know what i want?" You said "I dont know, but i know what i want" You said looking at his shirt hinting for him to take it off. Then all of a sudden Justin climbed on top of you and ripped his shirt off. He said "This is what i want" He grabbed your hands and made you rub them down his abs, thats what you wanted anyway. You then flipped him over and started kissing down his abs. He started kissing your neck and he flipped you over and took your shirt off. He started kissing down your stomach and you grabbed onto his hair and started playing with it. He said to you "You ready to go all the way?" you laughed and said "Lets do this" He then took the rest of your clothes off and you took the rest of his off. Then you had your fun and fell asleep on him with him hugging you tight.

"So that's what you and Justin will be doing in the film" the producer said. Your jaw dropped and you mumbled out "Are you being serious?" The producers said "Yeah, is that alright?" You screamed "OF COURSE ITS ALRIGHT" The producer said "Good, so you ready to meet selena and justin?" You got really exicted and said "YES"

You went over to meet selena, you didnt like her but you didnt let her see it, you gave her a hug and said that you were excited to work with her.

You were beginning to get really excited because you knew you were about to meet Justin.