Chapter 3

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"Eve, wake up." I heard someone say while they were shaking me.

"What?" I asked, rubbing my eyes, and yawning.

"You said you wanted to go to the shop with me." I heard Uncle Zayn say.

"Okay." I said, nodding and standing up.

I went over to my closet, and picked out something to wear. I put on a little makeup, and made my way downstairs.

"Where are you going?" Dad asked me as I grabbed a banana from the counter.

"To the shop with Uncle Zayn." I said.

He nodded, and Uncle Zayn came downstairs and grabbed his jacket.

"Ready to go?" He asked me. I nodded, and started heading towards the door until Dad stopped me.

"Get a jacket. I checked outside earlier and it was cold." He said.

I nodded, and grabbed my matching denim jacket that Uncle Zayn has on.

We got into the car, and made our way to the shop.


"I still don't think we should cut her hair." I said, referring to our dog Lucy.

"She has to get it cut sometime." Uncle Zayn argued.

"No she doesn't. Barely any dogs get haircuts." I said. He sighed and rubbed his hands over his face.

"She has to be groomed. We're going when we get done today, okay?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Okay.." I said, looking down and sighing.

I heard the door ding, and then two guys walked in.

One looked about a little older than I did, and the other seemed liked his Dad.

"Hi, what can I do for you?" Uncle Zayn asked, going up to the desk.

"My son wants to get a tattoo." The Dad said.

"Is he within the legal age?" Uncle Zayn asked.

"Yes. He's 16 and I'm his parent." The Dad said. (A/N I know that you have to be 18(?) in the UK, but I'm gonna make it 16 for the story.)

"Okay." Uncle Zayn said. "What would you like to have done?"

"I want 'Family First' along my collarbones, but a little below." He said.

"So, you want 'Family' a little below your right collarbone, my left, and 'First' under your left, which is my right?" Uncle Zayn asked.

"Yeah." The boy said, nodding. Uncle Zayn nodded.

"Okay. You can have a seat, and I'll be back." He said. The boy nodded, and came and took a seat next to me.

"I'm going to then loo." His Dad said, leaving.

"I'm Jack." The boy, Jack, said.

"Eve." I said, looking over at him.

And wow... He was cute.

He had green eyes, dark short hair with a black snap back on, muscular, and just pretty all over.

"You look awful young to work in a tattoo shop." Jack said.

"Oh, that's my Uncle." I said, chuckling a little bit.

"Oh. Makes more sense now." He said, scratching the back of his neck, while smiling down at his lap.

Oh my gosh, that was so cute...

"You look awful young to get a tattoo." I said, grinning at him.

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