(New girl)

Come on guys if we dont pick one of them then sarg will have are asses. Patrick said as we all watched the new candadaties as they tryed to hit the target that was in front of them. Pat have you seen any of them fire a gun? I mean the girls get scared when they hear a shot and the guys are all terible! I said as i leaned back in my chair. Carters got a point pat i mean its like they havent even went to a police acadamy. blake said as he leaned back in his chair with his handsbehind his head. They are just scared give them a chance! pat said as he sat down on the other side of dean. We watched these guys all day having them do the normal things we do for traning and we watched as they all failed. I walked into the locker room were all the guys were as we all  changed into are street clothing. Well do we have any more people to watch tomarrow or do we have to pick one of them? Dean asked as he pulled his bag over his shoulder. Sarg said that this was the only group of people we can pick from but sarg may have someone else lined up because he dident seem to upset about the group of people when they first came in. I said as i pulled on my black t shirt.

No way sarg would never keep something like that from us. pat said as he leaned agaist his locker. true i mean i dont think sarg could even keep a seceret from the guys he works with everyday. dean said as we all walked out to the main lobey. We saw sarg standing in the middle of the room talking on his cellphone. He turned to us and hun up before walking over to us. Ok guys i know that the group of people we had in here today was not team 1 miterial so my brother is bringing me one of his snipers. Now i ont know much but i do know that this sniper is the best of the best and that they are know as a very deadly killer. So i need you to all just stay quiet and make sure that everything goes over smothly or my brother will take them back to the millitary with him. sarg said before the ellevator doors opened and a guy came walking in with two more guys behind him holding a girl that was handcuffed. Nice to see you clark it had been a long time. The guy said as he stood infront of sarg. It has been forever and its good to see you to luke now where is the sniper? Sarg asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Luke turned to the other guys and nodded to them. They pulled the girl up to sarg and stood there with there hands around her arms. She's the sniper? blake asked out loud with a smile on his face. Luke turned to him and nodded his head. She is the best sniper in the world thats why we take so many precautions like handcuffing her and having backup where ever she is. luke said as he looked at all of us. Come on you have to be kidding she dosent even look like she can shoot a gun! blake said as he walked over to her and stood in front of her. She looked at luke and he smiled before he took off the handcuffs. She smiled at blake and punched him in the face before she walked behind him and grabbed his neck before slaming him to the ground. She stood up and walked back over to luke who was smiling at her. So im asuming you guys want to see what she can do? luke asked as he looked at sarg. Yes we do so we can start her out in the shooting rang. sarg said as he started walking down the hall with luke right behind him. 

Did you guys see her she just slamed him to the ground like it was nothing. i said as we followed the other two guys that were behind her. Come on girls can be snipers to. Patrick said as he put his hands in his pockets. Ya but that was hot and its even hotter when you find a girl that knows how to shoot a gun. Dean said with a smirk on his face. We all walked into the shooting rang and we went behind the bullet proof glass as she walked in front of us with luke and sarg right behind her. Sarg gave her one of are snipers and told her what to do before he walked over to us with luke. So how did you find her luke?sarg asked as we all watched her shoot the target over and over. We found her in a old house that was being used as a place to kill and torcher people. It was amazing how she put up with being torchered for 3 years. We thought she would be like most of the others and give up but she was amazing.

Most of the guys that came near her would get hurt but after a few weeks she started to understand that not all guys are going to hurt her but she still has some trust issues. Luke said as we watched her get the target sheet and bring it over to luke. He looked it over before he turned to her,his face as hard and serious. You missed. He said pointing to the middle circles out side esdge. Go do it again and make sure you hit the mark and it better be perfect. Luke said as he scrunched the paper up and trew it in the trash bin that sat on the other end of the table were we were sitting. She went back out there and started to shoot the target again. Luke she only missed one why are you making her do it over? Sarg asked as he looked mad at his brother. Look clark i know you train your guys differently but she is still mine untill i sign the paper work. Luke said before she walked over to him and handed him the new target sheet. He nodded and handed it to sarg. He held it up and then turned around to show us the target sheet. She had hit the center of the targetsheet  in the same spot every time.

Why dont you guys show lexi around so i can talk to clark in privet. Luke said as he looked at all of us. Ya we can do that. dean said as he winked at lexi. Her eyes hardened when dean winked at her but she quickly hid any fear she had from him and she just put her hands in her pockets. Guys show her eveything and make sure dean dosent do anything stupid. Sarg said as luke and him walked out the door and out to sarges office. 

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