tour with the demon

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"cherry ?are you in your room?" I heard my mom calling out for me from downstairs.

"Ya mom. What's the matter? do you need some help?" I asked in a bit irritated tone. Because I just don't like if someone disturbes me at my work.

"There is a call for you.I can connect the call to your room if you wish."

"who's it?"


I froze as I heard his name.For what reason on the earth is he calling me?

"Ya mom, you can!" I said with a sigh.As soon as I said it I heard the phone in my room ringing.

"hello?" I heard Mr.Allan's bored sound.

"Hello Mr.Allan? Charlotte here." I replied in a tone that matched his.

"you have to be there at the airport at 10.Don't dare to be late.It's very important.Got it?"

"Yeah. Is any VIP coming tomorrow?"

"What? No! we have to go to Hawaii.It's very important to be there till wednesday"

"what? wednesday? Mr.Allan, don't you think you're telling me a bit late?" I asked a bit annoyed

" want you to be there on time"

before iI could say anything I heard a beep and realized that the call is dropped.I frowned,and started packing my bag.


I hired a cab said goodbye to my my mom,dad and my sister  Rose.I reached airport at at 9:48and waited for Mr.Allan.I waited for nearly TWENTY minutes............. now who was being late?

when the Demon finally showed up, I glared at him.

"you showed up too early...Mr.Allan"I said to him still glaring.

"I know I'm punctual"he said coolly .


before I could say anything he cut me offwith a artificial yawn.

as we took our seats I asked him "When can I return home?"

"Maybe two monts or even more"

"TWO MONTHS? with you?"

"of course"

I literally wished that the plane catches fire.That would be better than being with him for two months.I sighed, what else could I do?


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