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Chapter 1: The Whole Team Gets Lectured by My Sisters


One thing I dislike in the mornings the most is waking up early.

Ever since I officially became an A Class Wizard, my schedule had always been including early morning trainings. It was a crucial requirement for the A Class Wizards, and for me, most especially. But I could never really cope with such schedule. I already complained to my sisters but they insisted I have to bear with this in order to fulfill my vow. Without any witty comebacks, I sighed and thought about how I was going to miss the coziness and fluffiness of my bed every day.

I was never the type of person who appreciates morning skies, sunrise, warm breeze, and anything else you could think of in the morning. My definition of morning is waking up at eight o'clock in the morning then starting my day at nine or ten. If I were to wake up earlier than that, then I would definitely need a coffee to back myself up or else, I'd slump myself back to my bed.

Pretty ironic for a princess, huh? Well, sorry to burst the bubble but I am not the stereotypical princess defined in every fairy tale books (those kind of stories suck anyway). I was more of...the realistic one.

It was ten o'clock in the morning. As always, I was at the Mistmoore Wizardry Institute to train. However, right now I was neither training nor in class at all. Standing at the very edge of the rooftop, I was bathing in the summer heat. A gentle breeze blew and I let my hair dance along with the wind. I was taking a little break from all these wizard stuff and going to high places such as this helps me relax. The view was picturesque and breathtaking, it was as if I could reach the skies above.

Well, technically, I could do that.

Deciding I wanted to admire the sky up close, I took a step and stood literally at the edge. I mean literally. One wrong move and I could fall to my death.

As if that could happen.

Just as I was planning to step outside the boundaries and fly way up high to forget reality even just for a while, somebody just had to grab my wrist and pull me into a deoxygenating embrace. And that somebody was a person I knew since day one.

Let me describe his features: he had a striking blonde hair that vibrantly glowed under the sunlight. The tips of his hair strands—especially at the back—curved outwards, forming the natural spikes that finished his usual look. His skin tone was a bit of a tan but pale tan, like he takes long walks under the sun to get that enough amount of saturation on his flesh. He was standing at six feet tall, and his toned, muscular body was enveloping my slender one. I tried squirming but he just hugged me tighter.

"Kenneth! Let go of me! I can't breathe!" I grunted, clearly out of air.

"No can do. I didn't even get my morning hug or kiss." He whispered amusingly as he snuggled into my neck.

I tried my best to wiggle myself out but it was futile. Fortunately though, I managed to free my arms from his grasp. I immediately and repeatedly punched his shoulders lightly, demanding him to release me from his embrace. And knowing that I was punching him too much already, he grabbed my wrists, releasing me from his touch. However, as soon as he let go of the embrace, he quickly moved his face close and his lips landed on mine.

He badly wants that morning hug and kiss, huh.

I wanted to tickle his side for stealing my kiss once again but there was something in his kiss that I found odd. It felt like his emotions were mixed yet one particular emotion was more dominating. And it was slowly perishing the other positive emotions he was feeling.

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