Chapter One

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Sore and Tired. The daily sensation of pain shot through my body as I got out of bed. I never asked for this to happen. I never thought I would end up like this. No person would. As I got out of bed my legs burned with pain from last night's "meeting" with him.

Without trying to cause more pain in my body I showered quickly and for clothes I dressed in a pair dark skinny jeans a floral ivory tank top and a light brown oversized cardigan along with a pair of light brown ankle boots. I covered all the bruises around my neck, collar bone and face with makeup and arranged my long brown hair in a messy halo braid. For jewelry, I put on my favorite charm bracelet with only three charms; one to symbolize every person I care about. A artist palette for Maya, a stack of books for Farkle, and a globe for my family. I noticed at my wrist there was a dark bruise forming around it like a bracelet. I slightly tugged at the end of my cardigan sleeve.

My eyes began to sting with tears lining at my waterline. I quickly wiped then away and put on a brave face. Before I left my room, I swallowed some pain killers so I wouldn't wince as much.

As much as I want to... I can't end things with Brandon. I can't tell someone either. He'll kill me... He'll hurt the people I care about the most...Maya, Farkle...My family. He's more than abusive. He's a monster... He's ruining my life. I guess he's another lover that went wrong. What am I going to do?

As I walked through the crowded hallways of John Quincy Adams High School, I spotted my two best friends Farkle and Maya. Farkle had on his signature look. His dark clothing consisting of a pair of black jeans and a dark grey button up with matching converse and his favorite black beanie. Next to him was Maya. Maya had on a pair of ripped skinny jeans with a black tank top and a dark green plaid unbuttoned flannel shirt. Her hair was tucked in a low ponytail and had on a black head band that was wrapped at the back of her neck. She wore a pair of her favorite ankle leathered boots. I shook my head seeing them argue again.

"For once can I enjoy a morning where you two aren't  bickering," I said as I opened my locker in between them.
"It's not my fault, he interrupted Vince McAllister asking me out on a date," Maya complained.
"The guy's bad news Maya. He's a jerk and he'll just hurt you in the end," Farkle strictly told her.
"Pff," Mays scuffed. "He can't be worse than Lucas Friar,"
"Nope but he's friends with Lucas Friar. Still proving my point that he's bad news," Farkle snarked.

Lucas Friar. The bad boy. The womanizer. The popular guy. Mr. Perfect. He's all of those things not to mention an arrogant asshole. He has brown hair with an up front spike and these piercing green emerald eyes. He was tall not to mention really toned and built. Today he wore a pair of dark ripped jeans with a dark blue v-neck underneath a black leather jacket with an attached grey hoodie and a pair of black Doc Martins. We've known the guy since middle school and he gotten more girls than the football team combine. He's just bad news. He moved here from Texas when Farkle, Maya, and I were in the 7 grade and he became popular real fast. In less than a week the whole school knew him. That's quite a record considering that the three of us were the outcasts of the school. No one knows who we are. And no one gives a damn.

"Well I'm going to get something to drink from the vending machine," I told Maya and Farkle. "I'll meet you guys in class,"

As I was on my way to the vending machine I saw from the corner of my eyes Brandon. He was talking with a bunch of friends so I prayed that he didn't see me. I began to fast walk around the corner of the hall. Suddenly I felt this huge force and felt a person bump into me, just my luck Lucas Friar was the that huge force.

"I-I'm s-so sorry," I stammered and before I could hear him probably say "Next time look where you're going", I scampered off. Instead of getting that drink I promised myself I just went straight to my first period class; English. I walked in taking my regular seat in the back next to Maya and Farkle. Unfortunately Brandon is in this class fortunately he hasn't arrived before me. The final bell for first period rings and I see Brandon and his friends walked in along with Lucas and his group of man whores as well, not to mention his girls or what me and Maya call the school sluts like Missy Bradford.

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