What Just Happened?

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I got so many answers to my question, both on and off Wattpad! Thank you so much! I'm kinda unsure on this chapter... but I'll have to see how it goes! Also, thank you to SawyerIsabel12 for editing this! She is an amazing writer and editor! I know it's short, but it's just a continuation of the second chapter. There is going to be a question after every chapter now... try to answer it in your comments as well as tell me how I did! :)

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Thank you to my BFFL juliavboucher for giving me the winning answer and creating the character Claire! She is amazing and... SHE WON!!! I won't give away the whole answer, but you'll get a good idea of where this story is going in this chapter! I hope you enjoy it! Here is the second part...

What Just Happened?

What just happened?

I leaned up against the wall, took a deep breath, and began walking back down the hallway toward my class.

"Hey Natalie!" Claire threw a little smile my way.

You know the character, Sharpay? From High School Musical? Yeah, they based her off of Claire . . . but made her a heck of a lot nicer in the movie. I saw Claire looked around before stopping to stand next to me.

"I saw you with my boyfriend," she said, all pleasantries thrown to the wind. I flinched at her words, but quickly recovered enough to be confused.

"What do you mean? I don't even know who your boyfriend is!" I told her. I ran through all the memories I had of her, trying to find one that told me who this mysterious boy was.

"Oh, don't act dumb! I saw how he kissed you, and how you were dazed by his charm. It's so sweet, but knock it off!" She screamed those last words in my face.

We were walking into the classroom now, me in an attempt to stop this conversation, her trying to continue it. I saw you-know-who out of the corner of my eye chatting with his friends. Our eyes met, and I turned away when Claire started speaking again.

"Derek is my boyfriend, he loves me now! I don't want his little crush to get in the way of our serious relationship. I'm sorry sweetie." I almost thought Claire was apologizing, but then she continued, her voice hardening again. "You're ex is now in the hands of an expert, who, unlike you, knows how to stay with the boy she loves. I just wiped the enemy off her feet. Now all that's left to do is for her to fall down, down, down..."

I thought I saw something coming toward me, and before I knew it I was lying on the ground with tons of people crowded around me, including the school nurse. I could hear Claire talking to the nurse in the background.

"All of a sudden, she collapsed! Oh, I think I might faint from worry!" I saw her blurry figure fall backwards, and I wished no one would catch her. Drama queen.

"Are you okay Natalie?" I heard a familiar voice ask me. No, I didn't want to let him know that I was okay; I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of a straight answer.

"I think I'm all right..." I stood up slowly, but, just to provoke Claire, stumbled backwards again. I was pleasantly surprised when you-know-who caught me. The fall was obviously on purpose, in reality I hadn't been pushed down that hard. However, I knew how to put on a good show. I had watched my sister do it whenever she was upset way too often. And I wasn't pretending to be in pain - there was a large bruise on my cheek from where Claire must have hit me.

I looked around, and I saw the nurse talking with my teacher. She nodded, gave me a reassuring smile, and then exited the room. Now it was time to have fun.

"I don't think I can get to my seat!" I said weakly, and closing my eyes as if in pain, I tried to take a step, but then pretended to fall back from dizziness, making a girly sound. This was all too easy. Derek steadied me and helped me to my seat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Claire glaring at me.

"Here." Derek helped me into my chair, and I thanked him before pulling out a book and pretending to read. Trying to angle my ears toward Derek and Brandan like a cat, I strained to listen in on their conversation.

"I heard you're with Claire now," Brandan said.

"Um, yeah," Derek said, his voice soft as if he didn't want people to know.

"Dude, why did you break up with her? For Claire?" Brandan asked my unspoken question.

I heard a small sigh come from their side of the room. Derek replied with a harsher tone then I expected. "Listen man, I really don't want to talk about this..."

"Okay, chill! I just was wondering. Claire is an artificial clown with no personality. She doesn't seem like the person you would like!" Brandan replied. To my surprise, Derek didn't even try to defend her.

"Hey, since you and Natalie broke up, I think I'm gonna ask her out..." I heard Brandan say, and I wanted to yell at him that I would never be interested.

"Sorry, but I think someone else is already doing that..." Derek trailed off, his voice sounding unhappy. It was hard to tell whether he was just saying that or if he was telling the truth.

When I looked over in their general direction, I had to stop my spy work because Claire was walking right toward me. She smiled in my direction before continuing her walk across the room, her flip-flops slapping against the hard tiled floor.

"OMG, Natalie, I was so worried! How did you fall?" Claire asked loud enough for everyone to hear her. She flashed another smile at me that even I could see was fake.

"Um, you sort of pushed me."

Claire rolled her eyes and asked, "Hit your head on the way down? I was just aiming for embarrassment, but you made it a serious injury!"

I was extremly annoyed with all of this. Giving her a glare, I said, "I didn't actually hurt myself Claire! Seriously, leave me alone please, or else I'm going to have to put in a bad word to Derek about you." I said, hoping she would listen to me.

My quick thinking did the trick. Claire's face formed itself into an ugly scowl. She stalked away, and I couldn't help a smile.

Besides, step 1 was done... I got my crush to like me! But now I might have to add another step to my plan: Figure out a way to get you-know-who to break up with Claire without breaking Claire's heart.

QUESTION: Do you think that Natalie is going to get Derek back, or do you think that she won't be able to? Also, do you think that her plan is going to work?

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