Chapter 17 - A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words Part 1

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Chapter 17

"Okay, we will meet up at the bar at the end of the day with our gifts. They must be wrapped and placed under the tree. The price limit is 100 dollars. Y/N, be careful how you split that." Gilbert orders, you roll your eyes at Gilbert last comment. Your group was standing in front of the tree that you and Ludwig had watched the community put up.

Now you were going to split up and get gifts for each other. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve, and you thought the brothers were pushing it.

But nope, the rest of the week was filled with you admitting you couldn't skate no matter how much someone tried to teach you (including your brother Matthew, who was an expert on hockey, so yeah, skating wasn't going to happen) and just having a good time.

And then the really strange moments where the brothers disappeared into their room and worked. In response you sat in your room skimming through the photos you had taken with your camera and amusing yourself with the fact that you know what? You really didn't give a damn about Iris and Thorn, you also were fairly confident that you could trust Ludwig and Gilbert with some real contact information.

Then even after you left, you could always come back.

But it was best to leave an explanation in a note that would make things easier for both sides. Or at least easier for you.

Waving goodbye to both Gilbert and Ludwig, you make your way down Main Street, browsing the window displays, you don't get very far from the Christmas tree though. A reflection catches your eye and you turn around to see none other than Thorn and Iris walking towards you.

Iris had her red haired pinned up with a simple pair of fake reading glasses over her brown eyes. Thorn had his hair slicked back and it disgusted you how much the style resembled Ludwig's

Both were wearing large winter jackets. You were tempted to look for Gilbert and Ludwig so they could show off their crappy German.

Your eyes light up, Ludwig could assume they're the spy.

But the plan disintegrates quickly. If Ludwig did retaliate, their suspicions would be confirmed.

Before they could get any closer you duck your head down, a confrontation out in the open was not what you wanted. Plus, from your one conversation with the duo, it seemed they weren't very experienced. Or at least they were too cocky for their own good.

Ducking into an art supply store, you hide in the picture frames section. A set of displays blocked their view from the window or from the door of you, but you had a perfect view of the door. Pretending to look at the picture frames, you kept an eye on the door.

"Are you planning on buying some frames? We do engravings." Turning away from the door, you look down at the plump woman with her apron and her large smile.


"Well, if you have a lot of photos you could always chose one of the larger frames for a collage, and then if you want we could also do engravings!" She said with her happy go lucky smile.

You smile nervously in response; you didn't want to be too suspicious by turning around. But you did have a lot of pictures on your camera, so... it was a really good idea. And having a collection of pictures for both the brothers would really leave a set of memories.

You nod your head a large smile on your face. You couldn't help it; you couldn't just disappear from their lives.

"Of course, now we have a lot of colors do you have anything in mind?"

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