Coma [Gerita One Shot]

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"It's been one year Mr. Beilschmidt- I think you should let go." Feliciano's doctor, Arthur Kirkland said, taking off his gloves. "I don't think he's going to come back. His family has decided to end his torment and pull the plug."

"But he's breathing on his own without a machine- he has a chance!" Ludwig refused, sounding like he was begging now.

"But you know that the Vargas' are taking this out of their pocket now. They can't afford this at all." Arthur replied. "The government is doing little too- this is a normal case to them. They don't need to examine it anymore."

"Then give him one more day. Tomorrow is our anniversary." Ludwig pleaded. Arthur bit his lip and sighed.

"Alright- one more day."


Ludwig stayed besides Feliciano's side, sighing. He looked down on him, sitting on his bed. He didn't want to spend his anniversary like this- but he had no other choice.

"Oh Feliciano- why did you have to get into a coma... I'm sorry for everything I said in the phone call- I am to blame for your car crash." Ludwig apologized, like he always did everyday. "Please.. Come back..." He felt tears slowly sliding down his cheeks.

The door opened at the same time to reveal his other friend, Honda Kiku and his boyfriend, Alfred F. Jones. He had a Build-A-Bear house in his hands and he had a grimace in his look. "Here." He simply said, "Feliciano-kun told me before he went into a coma to make this for him."

"O-Oh. Danke Kiku." He said, giving him a nervous smile.

"It's what we can do I suppose- we're like, really sorry man." Alfred said, frowning.

"It's fine- I've learned to accept it."

"Anything else we can get you Ludwig-san?"

"No- I'm okay Kiku. Danke both of you." He said and the two nodded, taking their leave. He looked at the Build-A-Bear cardboard house and opened it to reveal a bear similar to Feliciano's clothes he used to wear. In Alfred's writing, there was a taped paper on one of it's paws that said: Press Me! He looked at it and sighed. What did he have to lose? He pressed it and the voice box said,

"Will you marry me?"

He felt tears come to his eyes, hearing the voice box. He glanced at the cardboard house and looked in there to reveal a red velvet box. He shakily picked it up, opening it to reveal a beautiful gold band. Ludwig covered his mouth, surprised. He didn't care if tears were streaming his eyes, he couldn't help it.

He was about to close the box when he felt weak arms wrap around his waist.

"What are you crying about Luddie...?" A weak voice asked and Ludwig gasped.

"F-Feli...?" He turned and it was none other than Feliciano, smiling softly at him.

"I see you got my gift... W-Well?"

"Y-Yes- I will marry you." He said, turning to him and kissing him on the lips.

"I love you Luddie."

"I love you too Feli."

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