Chapter 28- Insecurities

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Chapter 28




Some people congratulated me, the 'popular' girls glared and others didn't realize I put the pictures up. The teachers in each of my classes threatened that if the person who did it, didn't confess, they would give give them detention. Then the next period, they threatened to suspend them, then the period after that, it was expulsion.

 I found it all very amusing  but that didn't last long..


I was in my 5th period class, when the principle came in. The principle stalked over to my teacher and whispered in her ear. What's going on? Everyone was wondering that. The principle only came to a class, personally, if someone was in big trouble. That got everyone wondering. She nodded and the principle came towards me.

Ohhhh. So that is why he came here. I'm in deep trouble. He gave me a look and I instantly got up from my chair, packing up my stuff and following him out. I heard some snickers and some teasing, so I decided that if I'm in a lot of trouble already, who cares if I get in a little more?

Right before I walked out the door, I turned around and flipped off the class. People gasped and others laughed, but the teacher looked shocked out of all.

"Teagan Landers!" The principle scolded. I turned back to him and just shrugged. He sigh and urged me to follow him. I followed him down the deserted hallway to his office.


An hour later and I was suspended and my mother was just walking in the principals office, looking..happy? What the...?

"Hello, darling." She smiled at me. The principal looked as confused as I was. The principal cleared his throat and my mom turned to him with a glint in her eye.

"Mrs. Landers, your daughter, that she had posted everywhere in the school of another student and her.." He looked to me, confused, as if asking me what Alex was. I really didn't know..

I just shrugged at him. "...Well..never mind. Also, she broke into the school with a copy of the master keys. That is in extreme violation, not to mention that she embarrassed a perfectly good student." He concluded with a disappointed look to me. I just rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. Pshh. Whatever. Perfectly good, my ass. Carrie is as slutty as they come.

But Mr. Wert(Hahaha) wasn't done. "This usually calls for immediate expulsion, but since I am verylenient, I am willing to only suspend her for a week..." I perked up at this. No expulsion. That's good."But she has to apologize to Carrie." I scoffed at that. Hell to the no. The principal looked satisfied with his little rant.

My mom just nodded her head throughout everything he said, not one inturruption. I don't expect her to anyway. She doesn't know about anything that Carrie has done. My mom thought it over for a second then finally spoke up.

"Ok, first of all, what she did was wrong and I am going to punish her for it, but I really doubt Carrie is as innocent as she seems. My daughter will not apologize for something Carrie probably deserved. So do not blame this all on my daughter. You should pay more attention to your school instead of slacking off. Now, good day Mister." She finished, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the office, leaving Mr.Werts shocked.

I was shocked. All the way home I kept wondering why my mom just blew up at him. I mean, usually she is a calm, collective, discipline person. Nothing like I saw back at the principals office.

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