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Faiy tale with a twist! ~Red Riding Hood's Knock at First Sight~

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  • Dedicated to Mrs. Mc Comish

 Once upon a time there was a little girl called “Red Riding Hood” but she was called “Red” for short, knowing youngsters these days.

                        One day Red went up the town centre wearing baggy, brown trousers and a red, hip-hop jacket with a bag pack full of goodies. Red was on her way to her granny’s when she suddenly banged into a gorgeous young boy called “Wolfy”. Red’s bag pack fell onto the ground, open. Wofly picked it up for her and saw it was full of goodies.

                         Red’s heart beat faster than ever and it even went boom-boom, boom-boom. Red didn’t know what she was going through but she could feel her heart twinkling as she stared at Wolfy.

                          Wolfy somehow figured out that Red liked him so he started to flirt with her. Wolfy started a conversation which went like this:

“What’s a beautiful girl like you doing in a wild place like this?” asked Wolfy as he flicked his black, shiny, smooth hair.

“Well I went to the goody shop to buy some goodies for my granny,” replied Red as she played with her dark brown hair.

“May I ask this beautiful lady’s name?” asked Wolfy as he winked at Red.

“My name is “Red Riding Hood” but you can call me “Red” for short. You?” giggled Red.

“My name is Wolfy. So where are you going?”

“I’m going to my granny, out there,” she turned around and pointed to the small bungalow

                             Red turned back to face Wolfy but he had vanished into thin air. Red shrugged and started walking again. While Red was busy walking, Wolfy was running as fast as he could to reach granny’s house.

                 Wolfy reached granny’s house and saw a yellow note which said:

                 Dear Red

                                      I went out to HomeBase to pick up

                                      the orchids that I ordered.


                                                 Left the door open

                                                 for you to go in.

                                                          Love Granny

                       Wolfy went inside and sat on the bed. Wolfy was bored waiting so he took off his mask and behind that gorgeous black haired Wolfy lay the hairy, long-nosed, sharp-toothed Wolfy.

                     Meanwhile, Red walked past the playground, past the hanging bridge and past the two old oak trees. Red reached her granny’s house, she walked inside slowly. She saw the bed. Suddenly Wolfy jumped out which made Red scream as loudly as she could.

                     The three Goldilocks bears were having a short stroll in the park when suddenly they heard Red screaming. They ran as fast as they could, burst open the door and just in the nick of time stopped Wolfy from eating Red. The baby bear jumped on top of Wolfy and Wolfy banged into the walls and fell down dizzy. The three bears were secret under cover agents and they had been looking for Wolfy for a very long time. The three bears arrested Wolfy and they all lived happily ever after. (except for wolfy of course!)

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