My Loves !

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I know a lot of you keep telling me to update and asking me when I'm going to update. I will be updating every single book at least once this week. I'm gonna try to update two books tonight and the rest will be updated this week. Guys this has been one of the craziest summers ever. Starting from my mother to a new baby coming home, family shit, online classes, and moving. Just crazy! But I will be updating everything this week because I go back to the dorm Sunday and school starts next Monday. So look out for some updates this week!

Another thing I want to talk about is us! I know I gave out my snapchat and I don't post much, but I do try to reply to your snaps. I do view a lot of stories when I'm bored. You guys are hilarious! It's crazy to me how my followers are from all around the world. Like some of you I don't know what you're talking about, but I freaking love your accents! I know some of you live in New York, that's where I live and some of you are not too far from me. It's really cool to see where all of you are from.

Now this is what I wanted to do. Because a lot of you added me on my personal snapchat and I have like my friends that are on there, I kinda get confused cause I have sooo much people. So this is what I'm going to do. I have made a personal snapchat for you guys. I love talking to you all and I know this girl that picks a certain day where she talks to all her followers. Like they'll write her, send her videos, and she even video chats on snapchat with them. I would love to do that with you guys since there's so much of you. I'll probably post everyday showing you my life I guess. I can tell you my problems and how my day is going. You can write me and I can give you advice and you can even give me advice. I know you're probably thinking like well bitch you're not famous. I'm not doing this because of that, I'm doing it because I love connecting with you guys and helping in anyway. Some of you said you were scared to actually talk to me and I don't want you to be! This is why I'm making this snapchat for you guys so you can actually talk to me and not be scared.

Okay so this is getting long but I just wanted to tell you, you have your own snapchat! I'll start posting today so send me stuff and I'll reply. Most likely I'll send videos so yeah. Another thing is, if you are racist, or just hate certain type of people in general, do not add my snapchat. You will not believe some stuff I have seen. Like really? I didn't know some of my readers felt that way. If you do, then that's you. Don't bring that shit over here.

Okay so this is my snapchat MaraaaaX0

Add me and let's start talking guys! Also look out for the updates ! And I will be posting this on all my stories so skip it if you already read it!

See ya later loves!

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