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The Legend of Zelda Theories

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Hi! So, I've been watching/reading a bunch of Zelda theories lately (well...for a long time, but I got back into it recently) and I have a TON of my own theories. So, basically, I want to share them with yall, and see what kind of theories yall have. I'll pretty much talk (or write) about different theories per part (not caring on the size of the part or not) and they'll take place over games I have played and know the best. These are...

-Twilight Princess

-Ocarina of Time

-Majora's Mask


-Skyward Sword

-Phantom Hourglass

-Spirit Tracks

-maybe Four Swords Adventures (including Four Swords, since they're almost the same thing, pretty much)

For the record, I have not played most of the Game Boy (Advanced) games. I have played Minish Cap and Zelda 1 & 2 (not GB(A) games btw, in case you didn't know, which you should...), but there's not much to theorize with them, since I don't know them as well as the ones listed.

In case you have any questions/comments/concerns, you know where to leave them. I try to reply to everyone. If there are any theories you wish for me to cover, feel free to let me know!

Btw, if you don't like spoilers, I suggest you find something else to read. Sorry. These theories will have spoilers. But, if you're still interested, then by all means, go ahead and keep reading.

Now, onto the first part of The Legend of Zelda Theories!!

I'm going to start with something relatively popular...

...The Happy Mask Salesman. *purposely does an over-dramatic gasp*

This Majora's Mask character is creepy. Very, very creepy. That smile really gives me a little bit of goosebumps. Imagine him as a real life your neighbor, living across the street from you. Yeah. Let that sink're welcome for that image :D

Anyway, everyone should know who I'm talking about. If not, look up a picture. Now. I'll wait. Done? Excellent!

The Happy Mask Salesman doesn't have much of a backstory. It's stated in the beginning of Majora's Mask that his precious mask (Majora's Mask) has been stolen by an imp (Skull Kid) and needs it back within three days because he has to leave (I think, doing this by memory). Now, we all know that he knows more than he lets on. Examples:

-He has to leave in THREE days, which is when the moon falls

-He KNOWS you won't have difficulty bringing back his mask

-He KNOWS your ocarina got stolen by Skull Kid (then why didn't he help Link get it back? Gosh, he's so demanding. He asks you to do all these things, but doesn't ever help you. Does anyone else find this irritating?)

-He also knows you've met with a terrible fate, which is you being turned into a deku scrub.

Though he does admit to stalking you ever since you left the forest (Kokiri, maybe?) to find Navi, it's still strange how he knows a lot about you. He also knows that Majora's Mask is an evil, demonic mask, yet he still carries it around, despite it being evil and able to control whoever wears him/her (that's a theory for another time). How did he even come across Majora? How did he get into Termina (assuming it's a parallel universe to Hyrule)?

There are a ton of theories of how Majora came to be, and I have a few of my own, but for the sake of the Happy Mask Salesman theory, we will use Akira Himekawa's Majora's Mask manga. In the back, she wrote her own theory of how Majora happened. In a nutshell, there was a giant monster who ate people and was stuck in a place where time doesn't move for the monster. People hunt him for his magic armor. One day, a man (who looks a lot like Link) comes to see the monster, saying he was attracted to how still the place seemed to be. The monster confides in him, telling how he ate people, destroying their dreams, and how time doesn't really move for him. The monster then notices the man is a warrior, and some more conversation (don't really remember it, plus, too lazy to look through the manga ^-^'), the the monster asks him to make time move for him. The man pulls out a bongo, it seems like, and makes some beats. The monster dances for three days and nights (seem familiar?) nonstop, and makes time move. He eventually dies from exhaustion. The man then proceeds to cut the monsters armor and seals the monsters power with the mask he made out of the armor. That mask is Majora.

Now, the question of how the salesman found Majora.

If I remember correctly (read this off a zelda website, I think. Again, doing this off memory), Majora used to belong to some sort of tribe who practiced dark magic. They had to seal the mask away because it was too powerful for anyone to use. So, lets say the man from MM manga gave it to the tribe since it concealed dark magic. So, if the Happy Mask Salesman did some exploring, that's one way he could've come across the mask. Or an explorer/adventurer/archaeologist sold it to him. He could've also learned about its dark powers from them. That makes the most sense to me, anyway.

But, how did he get into Termina? We know how Link got there. Skull Kid got him there. Link was chasing after him, and he fell down that tunnel with all the colorful shapes, which could be the way to get into Hyrule's counterpart. So, since the Happy Mask Salesman stalked you, he could've entered the same way, which means he witnessed you being turned into a deku scrub.

Now this is starting to make sense...writing out your theories helps, you guys. :)

But now to confuse you again! >:D

The salesman knows a lot of things. So, he could be a traveling salesman (I think this is stated in game, though). Well, he was in Hyrule, after all. Mhm. He was in Castle Town Market in Ocarina of Time. He had his own little shop and everything. But he's not of much importance to the OoT plot. Anyway, where else has he been?

There's also the moon thing. In the moon, there are five little salesmen children running around. You know it's him because he asks you if you want to be a mask salesman when you grow up, too, and he asks for all of your masks. Now, here's the question...

How did five tiny salesmen children get in the moon and possibly co-exist with their grown-up version at the same time? Are they even the happy mask salesman as a child (I think so, anyway, as I said earlier)? But HOW DID THEY GET IN THE MOON?

I really don't have my own theory for that. It honestly just popped in my head. Well, I'm gonna leave it here. Let me know of your theories for the Happy Mask Salesman, how he knows everything, how he ended up in the moon as a child, why he has Majora's Mask in the first place...


These are some theories that I plan on doing next sometime. Here's an on what you want to see next (if there isn't a new part avaliable, of course!)

-Majora's Mask: origin and gender of the mask

-Girahim and Fi: any connections?

-Dark Interlopers and their connection to the Twili

-Hero's Shade

And goodnight! I really need to sleep...but I don't have school tomorrow (teacher's workday! whoop!)

Okay, bye!

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