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Ever since that day at Mya's house, Michael has been on the edge and quiet. It was odd for Nicole, but she kept her distance whenever he asked for space.

She didn't know what happened, so she patiently waited for him to come around.

"Michael, baby, dinner's ready." She stood in the doorway of their bedroom and watched him turn off the television.

He got out of their bed and followed her to the kitchen with his hands on her hips.

"I made steak and mashed potatoes. Is that okay?" He kissed the back of her head and grabbed her hand before kissing it.

"Of course, baby. Sit down. You worked hard, so you deserve to sit back and relax." He pulled out a chair for her and made sure she was comfortable before pouring them some wine.

Nicole smiled and thanked him with a kiss when he sat down.

"Are you feeling better?" He looked at her and smiled with a nod. "Seeing you makes my day so much better."

She ran her knuckles down his jawline and laughed softly before picking up her fork.

"This looks good, babe. I'm so thankful for you." She winked at him and scooped up some mashed potatoes just as the door bell went off.

"I'll get it." She got up and made her way to the door with a frown.

She opened it and she was sure her face was contorted from confusion. "Hi?"

Mya and Desean walked in silently, leaving Nicole in shock.

"I'm sorry, but what are you two doing here?" She closed the door and crossed her arms over her chest as they sat down.

"Michael? You have company." The awkward silence was too much for her, so she made her way into the kitchen for a drink.

She usually didn't drink alcohol this much, but the last few weeks drove her to it.

The silence coming from the living room was unbearable. She grabbed her glass and made her way to the patio for fresh air.

Normally a patient woman, Nicole never felt this upset. Not only did they show up unannounced, but they were rude to her. In her house.

"Just breathe, Nicole. It'll be okay." She exhaled slowly and opened her eyes, staring at the pool.

It was a warm evening and she was thankful for the view. The lights from the city were gorgeous at night.

"Nic, babe?" She glanced at Michael and sighed as he approached her.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and gently massaged them as he kissed the back of her head.

"I love you. You know that, right?" She nodded and turned around in his grip, allowing him to kiss her.

"I love you too. I just hate how rude she is. I understand she's carrying your child, but she doesn't have to be so nasty towards me. I'm your woman now. She needs to get over that."

He arched his eyebrows and licked his lips before inching his hands towards her butt.

"I don't know about you, but I have some steam to blow. You want to take this upstairs?" She nodded and bit her bottom lip before leading him upstairs.

With a smile on her face, Nicole faced Michael and watched him as he slept.

She felt as if she was on cloud nine after the night they shared.

She felt so good, she wanted to get up and make him a big breakfast. She knew he was gonna be starving after the work he put in.

She prepared pancakes, cheesy eggs, and bacon with fresh orange juice.

Not sure if he was still sleep, Nicole made his plate and opened the back door for breakfast outside.

"Good morning, baby." He smiled at her and walked towards her with open arms.

"Everything smells good, mama. Thank you." She kept her hands at her side as he held her and smiled before letting him kiss her.

"You're welcome. I just wanted to show my appreciation to you after last night. And this morning." He arched his eye brows and watched her move around the kitchen with a smile on her face.

He made his way outside and took a seat at the patio table as she brought out his plate and drink, along with his fork.

"Thank you." She kissed him and made her way back into the house for her cup of coffee.

She couldn't help but to think of what he told her after they made love and a smile formed on her face.

He told her he planned on marrying her within the next year and he wanted a family with her.

Nicole has always wanted a huge family. She came from a single parent home and was the only child.

Her father remarried and started a new family, completely abandoning his first born.

"Babe, are you okay?" Nicole looked up from her mug and Michael's face fell once he saw the tears rolling down her face.

"These are happy tears, I swear." She laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck before kissing him.

"I'm just happy to finally be in love and I have the man of my dreams. You're incredible. My mom loves you and that's all that matters. Honestly, you could have any woman you want, but you wanted me. I must be the shit."

He playfully rolled his eyes and laughed before letting her go. She picked up her mug and followed him outside.

"This view is absolutely incredible. I'm in love with it. I don't think I'll ever get used to it." He watched her and couldn't help but to smile.

He couldn't believe that someone could actually hurt someone as special and beautiful as she is.

He felt immensely blessed by being her man. "My view is much better." She looked at him and smiled before sitting in his lap.

She started feeding him and occasionally kissed him when he poked out his lips.

For the first time in a while, they had a quiet moment with no tension between the two of them. It felt good to her.

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